My Favorite Smoothie Recipe | Blueberry & Chlorella Smoothie Bowl

*NOT A PRETTY GIRLY SMOOTHIE BOWL* In this video I will be making a smoothie that I consume weekly. Or whenever I have a stash of ripe bananas. I love the combination of bananas, blueberries and chlorella or spirulina powder. This recipe is so simple, yet very healthy and I encourage you to try it out sometimes.

I not only use blueberries because they taste so nice, but because they are very healthy and help regulate blood sugar spikes:

I poured my smoothie into a bowl and topped it off with some mulberries.

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10000 SUBSCRIBERS! – Making A Raw Vegan Pie to Celebrate!

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WATER UPDATE: Officials say algae issue is close to being corrected

Issues with an odd taste and smell in the drinking water in Alexander City have diminished to just a handful of isolated areas and officials are continuing to work to totally alleviate the problem.

The issue stems from algae that entered the system as it was pulled from Lake Martin, but after nearly three weeks of treatment with a special regimen of chemicals, John Meadows, superintendent of the city’s Adams Water Treatment Plant said they have no algae in the water as it leaves the plant.

“We have it to a point where when it leaves here it is clear of algae,” Meadows said Friday. “But we are still getting some calls. We believe in those cases it is in the lines and the water department has been working very hard, even on the rainy days we’ve had to flush lines as problems are reported.”

Meadows said the process of eliminating algae from the system involves chemicals as well as flushing the lines. Copper sulfate and chlorine dioxide are added to the water during the filtration process to treat water with increased levels of algae.

The algae issue this time is a bit different than it was the last time the system was hit.

Meadows said that in 2015 the problem didn’t appear until the fall. To combat that, chemicals and flushing was used. Officials also lowered the intakes for the water in hopes that the algae may not be as prevalent at great depths where there is less light.

This algae problem started at a different time of the year, at a time when water levels are at a high. The lake is currently right at full pool.

Meadows said he hopes that the rain and diminished sunlight that the area has had in recent weeks has also helped cut down on the algae in the lake itself.

“I can assure you that we are working hard to get this right,” Meadows said. “We had a woman who said she could even smell it over the detergent when she washed clothes. I went out myself and when I first got there I smelled it too.”

Meadows said a combination of flushing the delivery lines and the lines at the house cleared that issue.

“People who don’t use much water who had the smell may want to flush some inside the home,” Meadows said. “That means just let the water run for a little while from each of the faucets. We’re finding that is helping in isolated situations where one house is having a problem and others aren’t.”

Meadows said they will continually check the water throughout the process to make sure that the issue does not reappear.

Top 10 Secrets to Alkalizing for Radiant Health

NEWS FLASH: 6 out of 10 Americans are overweight and over acidic!

Dr. Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle”, has shown that fat is actually an over-acidification problem. What does that mean? The body creates fat cells to carry acids away from your vital organs, so these acids literally don’t choke your organs to death. Fat is actually a response from the body to an alarming over-acidic condition. Fat is saving your life!

Here are some aspects regarding pH you may find useful. The body’s pH is measured on a scale of 0 – 14. Midrange at 7 is where the pH is balanced. Anything below 7 is acidic and a state where your body does not function as designed. Above 7 is Alkaline. Alkaline is the state in which your body thrives. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.

With that said, when you remove acid toxins from your body, you will:

FLUSH Fat Fast resulting in easy weight loss

GAIN Muscle Mass

WATCH your skin glow

ENJOY maximum energy all day, everyday.

Here’s how to rid your body of that over-acidic state:

Alkalizing Secret #1 — Drink Pure Alkaline Water – lots of it! Pure water meaning water that is filtered. At a minimum, you should be drinking 7 ounces of water for every 10 lbs of body weight. So, if you weigh 130lbs, you need to drink a minimum of 91 ounces of pure water (that’s about 3 liters). Pure water meaning water that is filtered – the finest choice is an alkaline ionization unit (Jupiter is one of the finest on the market). If you don’t have this resource available, distilled water is a great choice with reverse osmosis coming next. Alkaline water means water with a pH over 7.5. Alkaline water adds oxygen to your water and helps to neutralize acids. A simple way to alkalize your water is with a dash of baking soda. There are also wonderful alkalizing agents you can purchase to buffer and alkalize the water.

(P.S. Avoid: coffee, black tea and sodas. – These drinks are highly acidic and do not count towards your daily water intake)

Alkalizing Secret #2 — Eat Celery…. This is one of the most alkaline foods you can eat. It quickly neutralizes acids. Eat it before, after or during a meal. Celery is so high in water content that is also works as an excellent thirst quencher. Celery is also excellent for digestion.

Alkalizing Secret #3 Eat Green Salads – without the cheese and croutons! Always have a green salad on hand. Make a huge salad every 3 days and keep it in your fridge to make it very easy to alkalize your body. Some greens that have the highest water content are: cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, and onions. A great dressing is cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with some lemon juice and Braggs Amino Acids. Keep this in a bowl in your fridge (tip: add cucumbers and tomatoes right before eating). Eat a HUGE salad with every meal!

Alkalizing Secret #4 – Switch from cow’s milk, to almond, soy, or rice milk. Cows milk has been shown to produce an abundance of mucous in the human body. There are also few adults who can metabolize the protein in cow’s milk properly. This protein, casein, is what a cow’s metabolism needs for proper health, not for a human beings health. Also note that most dairy cows are injected with hormones such as the Bovine Growth Hormone to increase their milk production. Many of these hormones have potentially horrific side effects that can be passed on when consumed. Almond, soy and or rice milk are excellent alternatives to dairy. These make excellent substitutes.

Alkalizing Secret #5 – Avoid artificial sweeteners! These include: NutraSweet, Sucralose, Aspartame, Saccharin…. Not only are these acidic, but have caused detrimental effects on the nervous system and neurological disease. (Saccharin even tells you right on the package that it may cause cancer.)

There is one natural sugar substitute that has had no reported side effects: Stevia.

Alkalizing Secret #6 – Eat a grapefruit in the morning. Then wait 15 minutes before ingesting a carb or protein. Grapefruit, similar to lemons, is also alkalizing when ingested. Some people believe grapefruit to be a miracle fruit and I tend to support that group. Grapefruits have a very high water content and are highly alkalizing. Eat one first thing in the morning, and wait 15 minutes before eating a carbohydrate or protein (one or the other – do not mix). (The 15-minute suggestion is in accordance with proper food combining and allows your system to more easily digest. This recommendation applies to eating any fruit – fruit shouldn’t be combined with any other food type. Once eaten, wait 15 before consuming any other food type…ie: protein or carbohydrate).

Alkalizing Secret #7 – Eliminate consumption of red meat, pork, lamb…substitute chicken, turkey or fresh fish in small quantities. Red meats, pork and lamb are highly acidic and have a very low water content, not to mention being hard on the digestive system. If you must have meat, opt for chicken or turkey. Fresh wild fish is another excellent route to take.

Alkalizing Secret #8 – Reduce stress daily by adding yoga, tai chi, meditation, and proper breathing. An additional factor that adds to acidosis (acidic bodies) is stress. When the body moves into stress mode the digestive system shuts down and toxins cease to be eliminated. Thus the more toxins you keep in your system, the more the body will store them away (acids) in fat cells! Anything we can do to calm the mind/body will have a huge impact on alkalizing the body.

Alkalizing Secret #9 – Drink a top quality super green supplement.

Organic super greens are known to be some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They infuse the body with easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids chlorophyll, enzymes, phytonutrients and alkaline salts that help neutralize acids in the blood and tissues. There are several I recommend on my website.

Alkalizing Secret #10 – Minimize/Avoid processed and refined foods. That means anything made with white flour and white sugar or food coloring. Our bodies were not designed to digest these chemicals and so it must do one of three things: 1. Eliminate them (if you are not hydrating properly this is very hard to do) or 2. Neutralize them by pulling alkaline buffers where it can – like from your bones leaching calcium, or from your blood, leaching iron. Or: 3. Park them away (in fat cells). Bottom line here – stay away from processed food as much as possible.


In Summary: If you will start out by going down the list of tips and add one secret each day, there’s an excellent chance that you will be amazed with what you experience. Simply increasing the amount and type of water you take in can and often will be a HUGE shift in how you feel. Let me tell you – it only gets better! And remember…the name of the game is progress not perfection. Be gentle with yourself – for many people, these secrets represent a huge life change. I urge you to educate yourself on pH balance with the acid/alkaline dance.

Wishing you good health and joy.

Note: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose or treat an illness.

Source by Dawn Sanders

Health Benefits of Spirulina, Top Superfood Protein and Multivitamin

Spirulina is a species of edible single-celled blue-green algae or cyanobacteria that is particularly known for its ability to convert sunlight into green concentrated sources of protein, fatty acids, antioxidants, like phycocyanin, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. Providing a source of complete plant-based protein, it has been utilized extensively as a nutritional supplement by NASA and for treating malnutrition in developing nations. Commonly available as a bulk powder or in tablet form, it makes an ideal superfood adjunct for modern-day living because of its energizing nutrients and detoxifying compounds, both of which promote heightened mental acuity and increased immune response. We’ll also discuss how this microalgae is cultivated, the controversial spirulina toxins microcystin and BMAA, and how to ensure product purity.

HealthForce Superfoods, Spirulina Manna, Powder and Capsules –
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More About Recommended Spirulina Products:

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All information is for educational purposes only and is the personal view of the author; not intended as medical advice,
diagnosis or prescription. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

Chicken Soup For Your Health

There has been a lot of talk about chicken soup for this and chicken soup for that. It's based on the idea that chicken soup has some special significance for health improvement. It seems that mothers through the ages and across all cultures have offered some form of chicken broth when their families get ill – sort of a cure all. So, I decided to look into just how good chicken soup really is.

Homemade is Best

I'm talking about the real thing – not just some canned version (although canned will do in a pinch). It turns out that there are important minerals and vitamins in the bones and carcass that cooks out into the stock. These minerals help build strength and health so vital during convalescence.

And it is just not that hard to throw together homemade stock. We are talking about a rich stock made of a chicken bones and carcass. Add to that chopped onion, several stocks of celery, carrots, some cloves of garlic, parsley and good old salt to taste (sea salt is my preference). Adding these vegetables just makes the stock richer, more nutritious.

Something else I learned is to add a tablespoon of lime juice or apple cider vinegar adds an interesting touch as well as helping to extract more of the minerals from the bones and vegetables. Hey, any way to get calcium is good, right?

Skim out the Dregs

When they are sick, I have been known to offer my kids to drink just the broth part of chicken soup when they are not feeling well. It has all the goodness of the vegetables and a touch of fat and protein. I will not make them eat the roughage especially when they are feeling "icky" – just the broth.

By the time you have cooked down the soup stock, the vegetables have all but turned to mush anyway. I read that this is where most of the nutrition is anyway. One nutritionist said to think about it this way: we pour boiling water over tea or coffee, filter out the dregs and drink what's left, right? Now I would not just toss the chicken and veggies – I offer them to the healthy folks.

"Good Medicine"

  • The liquid warms an achy throat.
  • The calcium from the bones helps to relax the body as it heals
  • The sulfur in the comments and garlic help kill germs
  • The saltiness coats the scratchiness and discourages viral infection.
  • Assorted minerals and vitamins in a tasty form act as a natural tonic
  • Sipping the broth fills an empty stomach which might otherwise reject something heavier. There will be time enough for the roughage.
  • The simple chicken broth helps to loosen phlegm and lighten a cough

Bet you did not know that humble soup made of chicken and vegetables could do so much! Come to think of it, I do not think anything helped me get better better than chicken soup – just 'cause mom made it.

Thanks, Mom, for giving me chicken soup.

Source by Cheryl Hines

Krill Oil Vs Fish Oil

This supplement comes from the ocean and harvested through krill which are closely related to shrimps. The krill eats algae containing antioxidants, therefore effectively transfering this trait to them. The great thing about astaxanthin is that unlike other antioxidants, it is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Of course, these are not the only benefits of krill oil. Following are other health factors that people may find useful.

Healthy Brain

With the help of the antioxidant astaxanthin, krill oil manages to cross the blood brain barrier which extends its protection to other parts of the body. This means that the possibility of brain tumors occurring as well as eye degeneration significantly decreases with the substance. Personality disorders, Alzheimer s, depression and mood imbalance and other problems may also be used using krill oil.

Good for Body Cholesterol

Since krill oil also contains omega 3 fatty acids, it stands to reason that the substance would be useful when it comes to cholesterol levels. It increases good cholesterol while simultaneously decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol. Cholesterol has also been linked to weight retention so intake of the oil could lead to weight loss. It was also found out that people who take krill oil are relieved of complications caused by arthritis. It was shown the oil reduces inflammation as well as other symptoms of arthritis.

100% Unpolluted and Naturally Abundant Krill

Is actually easier to harvest which makes them better than fish. The fact that there are billions of krill means that the supply chain is enough for everyone. These creatures are also found in a part of the ocean which is free from any type of pollution.

While evaluating krill oil vs fish oil, krill has been seen to be superior to fish but why should we choose krill over fish?

Absorption Levels: Both contain omega-3 fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA), however, Omega-3s in krill are found in phospholipids unlike in fish where they are found in triglycerides. This is a very important factor as far as absorption levels go because phospholipids absorbs faster and easier than triglycerides making krill oil superior under this concept.

Unpleasant odor, taste and after taste:

Another reason why krill should be preferred over fish is due to the fact that fish oil has an unpleasant odor and an unpleasant taste and after taste. Other side effects caused are stomach upsets, gas and even diarrhoea. When you compare krill to fish you will notice that krill does not have an unpleasant odor or taste and will definitely not leave an aftertaste.


Compared to fish, krill gives superior results in improving cardiovascular health, boosting cognitive function, improving premenstrual symptoms, relieving inflammation from arthritis, easing back and joint pains and giving your skin that healthy youthful glow. Krill can effectively lower bad cholesterol by about 34% and boost good ones by about 43.5% compared to fish oil only reducing bad cholesterol by 4.6% and boosting good ones by only 4.2% making krill oil far superior to fish oil.

Source by Alan S Williams

Healthy Eating – Five Great Sources Of Vitamin A

As you go about preparing your nutrition plan, one vitamin you will want to ensure you include is vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, meaning your body can store it in your fat cells for use later. Therefore, taking in super high doses is not recommended as the chances it becomes toxic will also be higher.

But yet, many people are not meeting daily minimums, so if this is the case, you need to work out how to take more in regularly. This vitamin is necessary to help…

  • with maintaining your vision,
  • improving the overall growth and development of body cells, as well as
  • keeping your immune system healthy and
  • you are feeling your best.

It is also vital for keeping reproductive health in check.

So where can you find vitamin A? Let us go over the best sources rich in this nutrient…

1. Liver. Whether you choose beef or lamb liver, or liver sausage, liver is a fantastic source of vitamin A. One ounce of lamb liver will provide you with over 200% of your total daily intake for vitamin A. Have a typical 100-gram serving and you will be getting over 800% of your needs met. Eat this once a week, and you should be relatively set for keeping your intake in check.

2. Mackerel. Fatty varieties of fish are a must for your diet plan, and mackerel will also help you boost your intake of vitamin A. This fish variety will provide about 43% of your total daily intake for this vitamin at 388 mg per serving.

Also, it will give you a hearty dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are another must-have for health.

3. Salmon. Salmon is the next delicious source of vitamin A to add to your diet. Just like mackerel, you will not only get vitamin A but also take in a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Both of these fish varieties are essential to optimal health, so take your pick. Whichever you prefer, this is the one you will want to be consuming.

4. Butter. Think you should ditch butter due to the saturated fat content? You may want to think again. While you do not want to overdo your butter intake, adding a little can help you elevate your overall intake of vitamin A. One tablespoon will provide approximately 11% of your total daily recommended intake, so it too is a way to get your needs met.

Limit your butter consumption to around one tablespoon every day or every other day, and you should be just fine.

5. Cheddar Cheese. Another dairy product high in vitamin A is cheddar cheese. You will get around 10% of your needs met with this food assuming you eat just one slice. Have a larger serving of 100 grams, and you will be up to 37% of your total daily recommended intake.

Cheddar cheese also offers a healthy dose of calcium, so there is another benefit.

There you have some of the best sources of vitamin A to include in your diet plan. Are you missing out on this nutrient? If so, make sure you look over your menu and include a few of these foods.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

Is This Causing Your Kid’s Peanut Allergy?

Peanuts aren’t the only foods currently causing problems for children – but it’s a fact that peanut allergies have quadrupled in the last 20 years. These days, allergic reactions in kids to many foods have become epidemic.

Most sources blame toxins in foods, including growth hormones, pesticides used in the farming of foods, and additives in processed foods that were never there years ago.

In fact, those additives don’t appear in the ingredient lists of the same foods when they’re sold to other countries. Those countries simply won’t tolerate them in their foods.

Could Something Else Be To Blame?

With all of this evidence, I’m not denying these possible causes behind kid’s allergic reactions. Yet it’s also possible that something more obvious, and just as toxic (maybe more?), is behind the reactions.

Could the increase in food sensitivities be due to the inclusion of sugars in so many foods? Kids eat sugar all day, week, year in all the “standard” forms – cookies, ice cream, candy. And they consume it in other foods to which it’s been added.

I’m wondering if this constant exposure to sugar has compromised kids’ immune systems and made them more susceptible to allergies and food sensitivities in the first place. It’s not as far-fetched as it may sound.

Lots of Literature Points To Sugar

Before I began my doctoral research and had to narrow my studies to stay within my field of psychoactive nutrition, I had done much reading on food sensitivities and the various ways they can occur.

One way to develop a food sensitivity is to consume that food together with a food to which you’re already sensitive.

Another connection is with sugar. For example, I recall reading one researcher’s theory that reactions to eggs were common because they’re eaten with orange juice (and even pastries) in the morning. Yes, that’s only one example, but plenty of others exist.

What About Repeated and Constant Exposure?

Do your kids eat sweetened cereals? Not just Fruit Loops. How about supposedly healthful cereals like granola? It’s loaded with honey and dried fruit. Are trending sugars – like agave, maple syrup, coconut sugar – creeping into your child’s diet day after day?

And which other foods are your kids eating in the same meal as those sugar-containing foods? Have they ever had a reaction to one of those other foods?

Again, I’m not denying the toxic-chemical theory that most people blame for food sensitivities. It’s highly likely that is one significant cause.

But I can’t ignore how much sugar kids eat – both in junk food and in so-called healthy foods that are loaded with sneaky sugars that moms don’t necessarily want to believe are bad. In some cases, those sugars have developed reputations as health foods, so mothers feel okay about feeding them to kids and giving them more every day.

My recommendation is to remove sugar from your kids’ diets and see if the food sensitivities come under greater control. Even if they don’t, your kids will be healthier for it overall.

Needless to say, getting rid of sugar can work for adult diets, too.

Source by Joan Kent

Use Only The Best Under Eye Firming Serum To Rejuvenate & Maintain Your Most Important Facial Area

The majority of people realize maintaining the skin under and around their eyes is key to looking youthful for as long as possible. That’s why you should always use the best under eye firming serum ensuring you get the most out of your daily facial regimen.    

If you are middle aged or older targeting and revitalizing your eye area is absolutely essential. There are several options and procedures available, however some are expensive and can involve inconvenience and sometimes-considerable pain. That’s why I prefer to use the most simple and easy method — the best under eye firming serum available that’s natural, affordable and effective.

Obviously what separates the best cream from the also-rans is down to the blend, quantity and quality of the active ingredients used. Common sense would suggest we find and use only effective proven ingredients in our eye cream or serum.   

For well over a year now I have used what I think is the best natural brand of eye serum because of the positive results. However my expectation will undoubtedly be different to yours. The improvement to the skin under and around my eyes has to be around 35 – 40% from when I started. This amount satisfies my needs, but I still have the appropriate amount of wrinkling and sagging for someone my age.

If you have sagging and wrinkles in this area and expect to completely remove them by using any type of eye firming serum then I think you are probably kidding yourself a little, and suggest you will likely waste your money using one. If this is the case maybe you should consider a surgical face-lift or the temporary option of collagen or Botox injections.

However if you are likely to be satisfied with a more moderate improvement to your eye skin area — think about giving these natural anti-aging ingredients a try.

Halyoxl™ targets the build up of hemoglobin and other waste products in skin under your eyes. Eyeliss™ targets bags and wrinkles due to loss of elasticity as well as fluid build-up because of poor drainage. Homeo Age™ a unique algae extract stimulates cellular growth to help reduce wrinkles around your delicate eye skin.

Functional keratin™ and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 are both special natural ingredients proven to stimulate re-growth of collagen and elastin protein cells in your dermal structural layer. Using them helps make the skin under and around your eyes stronger and more elasticized, which contributes to a more healthy and youthful complexion.

Why Use Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pools can be a luxury addition to your home. But, when you build a swimming pool, you must also take the required measures to protect it from getting dirty. A simple way of doing that is to use swimming pool covers when your pool is not in use. Pool covers protect the entire water surface of the pool. This is an excellent way to keep your outdoor pool clean and safe during the winter months. Pools such as custom concrete swimming poolsToronto,Ontario,Canadamight get damaged if they are not covered during the winter season. The following are the advantages of using swimming pool covers.


If the swimming pool is left uncovered, the water will evaporate. The chemicals used for conditioning and cleaning will evaporate as well. This is a major waste of resources as additional fresh water and chemicals will have to be added when you use the pool. As excessive amounts of chemicals such as chlorine are known to cause skin infections and allergies, it would be a good idea to prevent such situations and use pool covers.


When you leave your pool uncovered, a lot of debris such as leaves, insects and dust will fall in to it which will make it dirty. This means that you have to carry out an extensive cleaning before you use the swimming pool. Using a pool cover ensures that your pool is protected from such debris.


Some forms of algae require a minimum amount of sunlight to grow. By covering your swimming pool, you will restrict the growth of algae. Also, algae in a swimming pool is an unpleasant sight and extremely unhygienic.


If you have an indoor pool, covering your pool can help save a lot of money on the electricity bill. The pool cover will trap the heat inside it which will decrease the consumption of energy. For indoor pools, solar covers are also available which are environmental-friendly as well.


This is one of the most important reasons to use a swimming pool cover. You can prevent unfortunate accidents by keeping your swimming pool covered when it is not in use. Children should not be allowed near the pool premises without adult supervision. You can also use fences and alarms to protect children.


By covering your pool, you will be saving a lot of money on maintenance. If you leave outdoor pools such as custom concrete swimming poolsToronto,Ontario,Canadauncovered after the summer season, debris and dirt will collect in them. By the time you want to use the pool, you will have to spend hours scrubbing away the grime and collecting the debris.

Covering your swimming pool when it is not in use is the best way to protect it. Make sure that your swimming pool cover has a warranty and is durable enough to hold the weight of at least two adult men. Whether you have indoor pools or outdoor pools like custom concrete swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada, covering the pool will ensure your safety and hygiene.