Home remedy for hair loss, and alopecia

There are lots of hair loss treatments to consider, but finding the best home remedy for hair loss can be pretty easy really. Before selecting the most appropriate home remedy for thinning of hair it is good to know the causes of the hair loss. Having thick, shiny hair gives you, not only a healthy look but a positive outlook on life, but not everyone is blessed with full head of hair which often effects confidence . Normally, a person loses around a hundred strand of hair per day, which is replaced in naturally after a period of time known as a “Hair cycle”. For some people the new hair growth is thinner than before, and for others the hair growth may stop completely. Alopecia may be due to lack of nutrition in the diet, stress, fever, infection or surgery, and sometimes medicines also cause Alopecia. Lets take a look at the various types of home remedy for hair loss

Herbal Remedies – Hair Loss:

Herbal remedies are among the many home remedies for Alopecia. It is not enough to choose a herbal remedy to prevent you losing hair.; you must also ensure the growth of hair. Some of the herbal remedies for Alopecia are:
Algae Extract: Algae is a seaweed. The extract has the essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that the hair needs in high levels. It heals and reduces the damage to the hair and scalp and acts as an anti-oxidant. It also enhances hair growth.
Aloe Vera: The gel produced from the aloe vera plant also acts as anti-oxidant and it reduces the itching of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory property. By massaging this gel into the scalp you are helping in restoring the pH balance and sealing in the hair’s moisture. It acts as a hair conditioner and hair growth is also stimulated.
Channelled Wrack: This is another seaweed, phaeophyta. It contains isoflavones which help in refreshing and revitalizing the scalp’s skin. It also helps to improve the hair thickness and growth.
Other herbal remedies for hair loss dong quai, ginkgo biloba, green tea, polygonum multiflorum, horsetail, pygeum and saw Palmetto.

Garlic-Based Hair Loss Remedy

A garlic-based hair loss remedy is another home remedy for hair loss, and is good for treating male baldness. The vegetable garlic contains the chemical element sulfur and a natural antifungal and antibiotic. Apart from a delicious seasoning for foods it has the capacity of blocking the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the male baldness causing hormone. The juice extract of the garlic is used for massaging the scalp.

Ayurvedic Remedy – Hair Loss

Just like the herbal remedies and garlic-based remedy for hair loss, an ayurvedic remedy for hair loss is also beneficial. The ayurvedic remedy for Alopecia is a treatment by combining diet, meditation, herbs, breathing, aroma therapy, yoga and oil massage. One third cup of aloe vera juice is taken or a tablespoon of aloe vera gel is taken thrice daily along with cumin for two to three months for controlling the hair fall. A daily massage of the scalp with almond or coconut oil for ten minutes can also help to enhance the hair growth.


The above details about home remedy for hair loss can help to choose the most appropriate remedy for your particular circumstances. Before considering going in for surgery or a hair transplant for treating your hair thinning you can try any one of these home remedies for hair loss.They are pocket-friendly, have no harmful side effects and can be beneficial. I hope you have learnt a bit about home remedies for hair loss and if you wish to learn more Please take a look at this Thanks

The Many Different Types of Aquarium Fish Foods

Just as food is essential to our health and well being, it is equally important to our friends in the fish world. There are many different types of fish food on the market today. Different species of fish have different nutritional requirements, so researching their needs before buying your fish is essential to selecting the proper food and helping to ensure a long and healthy life for your new pet.

The trick to proper feeding is not to over or under feed, as well as finding which food your fish like best that is also healthy for them too. Treats are great, but you would not feed your child or even yourself a steady diet of just treats, and it is the same way with your new fish. Fish can get fat and lazy just as we can when fed an improper diet, so fish food selection and the amount to feed them is critical when keeping fish in your home aquarium.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the more popular food types available for the wide range of fish in today’s marketplace.


Flake food is probably the most common of all of the fish foods that are available to us. There are many different specialty types of flake foods being produced as well. From the generic all purpose tropical flake to the flake specifically designed for certain species of fish, i.e. Goldfish Flakes, Cichlid Flakes, etc.

We like to look for a brand of flake food that is bright in varied colors vs. the bland coloring. But most of all it is important to look at the Protein, Crude Fiber, Crude Fat and Maximum Moisture Content. The fresher the flake the better it is for your fish as well. Many convenient sizes are available, and you can even order bulk amounts of flake food from your local pet shop as well as from a wide variety of internet sites.

Try to look for flakes with better than 45% protein, greater than 6% crude fat (especially for those of you who are into breeding), less than 7% moisture and less than 3% crude fiber is ideal. Most of all remember that all tropical fish need some sort of variety in their diet. Its a good idea to have several different varieties of flake foods near your aquarium, and rotate them from day to day to promote optimal growth, bright colors and overall good health.

Flakes are ideal for most species, especially those that swim at the middle to top layers of your aquarium.


As fish grow they may need something more substantial. For fish larger than 3″, pellets are a good alternative too fill this hearty hunger. Pellets are either of the floating or sinking variety. Again these are usually created as specialty foods designed for certain species of fish, i.e. Cichlids, Catfish, Goldfish…etc.

Pellets can be used in a community tank, and can actually be mixed in with flake or other foods depending on the species you keep. Floating Pellets are great for Pond KOI, Cichlids, Bettas and Goldfish just to name a few. Sinking Pellets like Spirulina Wafers and Shrimp Pellets are superb for bottom feeders, algae eaters and scavengers such as the numerous breeds within the catfish and loach families.


Another type of food that fish seem to be very fond of, is frozen food. Frozen Brine Shrimp or Blood Worms, Black Worms etc… really add to the health of your tank. A great number of species love worms and more meaty foods than flake and pellets can provide. One big caution here with frozen foods, never let foods thaw out and then refreeze and use them. It is one of the surest ways to kill an entire tank of fish in no time. Due to the high protein content of brine shrimp and blood worms do not try to place your fish on a strict diet of frozen foods. Instead, vary your feedings with both frozen and flake and/or pellet foods day to day.

Live Foods:

There are some fish that will never take to flake food, pellets or frozen foods. With these demanding individuals, live foods may be your only option. This usually consists of live brine shrimp, infursoria or other smaller fish. These fish are more commonly referred to as “Feeder Fish”. These feeders are usually plain goldfish, minnows or guppies available for a buck or two a handful at your local pet shop. One has to very careful in not feeding a fish an exclusive diet of feeder goldfish. Due to various health concerns, mixing feeder goldfish with other types of feeders is highly suggested.

Another commonly given live food are simply earthworms dug up out of the garden. You do want to make very sure if you decide to use worms that these are not obtained from a garden that has had pesticide or fertilizers used around the grounds. These harsh chemicals can enter your tank through the worms themselves, and could end very badly. Keep in mind, if you decide you want to use earthworms, make sure that the pieces are not too large, as some fish cannot chew up their foods.


Feeding or Vacation Blocks are usually small, white cakes made up in a various array of designs. i.e. treasure chest, seashell, etc. The fish food is embedded within this block, to be slowly dispersed for your fish to feed on. These will work fine for your days away from home, but should never be used as a full time feeding regiment.

Feeding Times and Methods:

Most fish should be fed two to three times per day. The smaller the fish the more times in a day they will need to be fed. This is especially true with fry (newborns), which may need to be fed very small amounts but 5 or 6 times a day, until they grow larger.

Fish on average only need to be fed amounts that can be completely eaten within 2 to 3 minutes. If after that amount of time there is still food sitting or floating around, you are over feeding your fish. This practice may foul your water, and actually become dangerous to your fish if nitrate and ammonia levels begin to rise. Start by feeding your fish small amounts and watch to see how fast they eat it. If it only takes your fish less than a minute to completely consume the meal, then you should give them a little bit more. It is always a better idea to start with too little food and work up, than it is to start with too much food to begin with. After doing this a couple of times you’ll have a good idea of how much is too much. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to add a bottom feeder or two to your tank. Scavengers are excellent in helping to maintain a healthy tank for those of us who are not always too careful at when and how much we feed our fish.

Bio Degradable Plastic Bags For Waste Decomposition

Waste Degradation is very important for the environment and it is our responsibility to dispose of our waste properly. This article throws some light on what methods can be used to ensure a proper waste degradation using the biodegradable plastic bags.

In order to do their part to preserve the environment and reduce their waste, many companies and savvy consumers are willing to change their habits. The use of biodegradable or oxo-biodegradable plastic bags is part of the new greener habits of many responsible people. However, it is important to know how these biodegradable bags decompose in nature.

You must first understand what the biodegradation really is? This is the process of decomposition of organic matter which is caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. For the process of biodegradation, there must be a biodegradable material under conditions conducive to the development of micro-organisms that prevails in a warm and humid atmosphere. Micro-organisms will then proliferate and attack the molecular structure of matter which will break up and gradually disappear, leaving in the trace of elements that are not harmful in nature to the environment. The materials which are not biodegradable however have molecular structures that cannot be decomposed by microorganisms.

The plastics are not naturally biodegradable, unlike paper for example. Plastic bags are however advantages that paper bags do not have. For the same resistance, they are lighter than paper bags, and their production requires less energy and creates less pollution. Though the problem with plastic bags remained the pollution they created after use and discharging of toxic gases. After a lengthy research, scientists have finally solved this problem by inventing oxo-biodegradable plastic bags by adding agents pro-degradants that are made from metal salts and are not harmful to the environment. The addition of these additives does not compromise the quality, strength and sealing of bags. By cons, changing the molecular structure of the bags, they can be oxidized under the action of heat and sunlight, which has the effect of severing the links between the various molecules. Thus, once in favorable conditions, micro-organisms can continue their work by breaking the bag. It then gradually loses its strength, then fragment to disappear visually. The micro-organisms to biodegrade will complete while leaving no toxic deposit in the environment.

Unlike other biodegradable materials that require heat and humidity, and therefore, will decompose more quickly if they are buried, oxo-biodegradable plastic bags can begin their degradation in the open air as they are abandoned in the wilderness. Depending on conditions, oxo-biodegradable bags can begin to degrade within a period of 18 months. However, some of them can be recycled or even composted. However, it should be kept in mind that if you want to place oxo-biodegradable bags in your recycling bin, you must label it because the municipalities lack the facilities needed to integrate properly with other recyclable plastics without compromising the composition of products created from of these materials. There are many companies now producing oxo-biodegradable plastic bags for mass use and most municipalities are recognizing its use.

7 Remarkable Benefits of Spirulina, the Nutritious Blue Green Algae

Loaded with nutrients, Spirulina is one of the most sought after superfoods today. It is now available in the form of tablets, capsules and even powder that you can add to smoothies. Spirulina is the blue green algae that are in fact partly responsible for the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere, which eventually allowed other small organisms to develop on earth billions of years ago. What is really fascinating is that it is an edible algae, and can truly be an effective vitamin supplement.

Being the oldest life form on earth, it is interesting to note that spirulina was used by the Aztec people in Mexico in the 16th century. Later it was cultivated in Chad, which is surrounded by Libya, Sudan and Nigeria. However, it did not become a major part of the diet of the people till the 1960s. By the 1970s it had attained worldwide production and was on its way to becoming the most nutritious food source. Just like a lot of people detest consuming aloe vera due to its bitter taste, it is the same case with spirulina. It tastes slightly bitter thus is usually mixed with fruit juice or yoghurt to improve the taste.

Spirulina is a form of cyanobacteria, which grows in fresh, warm lakes. In India, it is widely cultivated in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. The hot climate in the southern parts of India helps aid spirulina growth using eco-friendly methods with minimal usage of pesticides and other harmful farming chemicals.

Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is considered to be an “all in one” source of nutrients. In fact, it even has the potential to overpower meat and eggs as protein sources in the years to come. Dr. Anju Sood, a renowned nutritionist, suggests a list of benefits of spirulina –

1. Excellent Source of Proteins

Due to its high source of protein content, spirulina is frequently referred to as the “lean, green, protein machine”. In order to keep our health and well-being intact, a certain amount of protein is required by the human body. While non-vegetarians gain this protein through meat and eggs, spirulina is an excellent alternative for vegetarians. It consists of 60 percent proteins, most of which are plant based. Proteins are essential to enhance the functioning of the heart as well as improve our hair health.


2. Helps Build Immunity

The immune system is made of T cells, B cells and natural immune cells. Spirulina consists of certain elements that improve the functioning of these cells and hence builds the immune system.

3. Improves digestion

Spirulina contains amino acids that provide digestive enzymes, which facilitates healthy digestion. It also helps fight intestinal infections as it has immune cells, which fight off virus and thus promote digestion.


4. A Great Source of Antioxidants

Carotenoid is the world’s most powerful antioxidant, and spirulina is a rich source of this. An increase in free radicals in the body tends to aid wrinkling, bad skin and could also lead to cancer and heart diseases. Antioxidants work wonders to fight against free radicals.

5. Good for Growing Children

Spirulina facilitates healthy growth of children due to its numerous nutrients. It improves eye sight, helps build concentration, builds muscular growth as well as enhances tissue development.

food children

6. Improves Energy Levels

Dr. Anju Sood sasy, “1 gram of protein gives the individual 4 Kilo calories of energy and since spirulina is loaded with proteins, it works as a great energy booster”.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Spirulina contains phycocyanin, which helps fight free radicals. This substance gives spirulina its great anti-inflammatory properties.


To sum it up, spirulina is a boon for the body, regardless of the age of the individual. It is known to be one of the most powerful natural sources both to the environment as well as human beings to maintain a healthy balance. The best way to make the most of these nutrient-rich algae is to consume it raw. However, today it is also available in powdered form as a vitamin supplement.

Please note: Spirulina as a vitamin supplement must only be consumed after consultation with a doctor or a specialist.


The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. NDTV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this article. All information is provided on an as-is basis. The information, facts or opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

Boost Your Immunity, And More, With These Supplements

Organika-SPIRULINA-POWDER-POWDER.png                   Nature-s-Harmony-Magnesium-BisGlycinate.

Enzymes are an essential part of the regulatory system in our bodies; they have many functions and the most important one at that, is one of helping the food we ingest, to digest in a proper manner.

There are all kinds of minerals that assist in reactions taking place within our bodies. Magnesium bisglycinate is the essential mineralneeded for this exact purpose. This mineral is prerequisite for the development of bones and teeththat are healthy, development of protein and fatty acid, stimulating B vitamins, backing up muscle activity, nerve conduction, calming blood vessels, blood clots, temperature leveling and making bowel movements consistent.

Magnesium bisglycinate is very good absorber and so you don’t have to take multiple supplements as when you do it with magnesium citrate to get the equal quantity of magnesium bisglycinate. So those with sensitive stomachs or having digestion problems can easily take this. Not just that, it is the only magnesium variant to crossover the blood brain block, it can be taken by people suffering from brain related ailments such as depression, anxiety and headaches.

Why does our body need magnesium?

Stress of any kindtogether withbiochemical, emotive, hormonal or bodily stress runs down magnesium in the body. Since magnesium is a form of a muscle relaxer, you would require more magnesium when under stress. In a stressful situation, our bodies produce more cortisol that causes acidity most times; this increases the need for magnesium further more.

To regulate the estrogen (hormone in women), magnesium plays a vital role. If our bodies are deficient of magnesium then it may lead to increasing the estrogen level. High levels of estrogen in the body have grave ailments being born out it like breast cancer, fibroids, and also simple everyday ailments like headaches, PMS and backache. It’s no wonder that women are always reaching for chocolate on the days when they feel down – chocolate is a rich source of magnesium!

How do supplements help?

The feasting on processed foods are to be blamed for inherent magnesium deficiency is many people, not to mention the depletion of it withinfarming soils and water.

Spirulina powder is another supplement in the market that has similar properties that help stress and the women related ailments mentioned above. It is a high other sources of things our body requires other than magnesium; Spirulina powder consist protein, B-vitamins, and iron, it commonly used for weight loss purposes, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hayfever and diabetes.

Some people use Spirulina powder for handling pre-cancerous growing in the mouth, improving immune system, refining memory, upping the energy and metabolism, pulling down cholesterol, averting heart disease, curing wounds, and making digestion and bowel health successful as Magnesium bisglycinate mentioned earlier.

So when we make sure to take a supplement, necessary daily requirement is met. Regulating all the systems in our bodies will increase our immunity levels, help us sleep better and keep us healthy overall.

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Colored Pool Water: Causes and Treatment

Everyone envisions a crystal-clear swimming pool for their home. Colorless pool water should be everyone’s goal, but there are certain times when it is difficult to achieve. Colored pool water is an unattractive and annoying pool problem that can result in stained swimming pool surfaces.



The two main reasons for colored pool water are oxidized metals and pool algae. If your swimming pool water has a cloudy greenish tint, it most likely is due to algae. If you have an algae problem, you will need pool algaecide. You should gain a better understanding of pool algae causes and solutions.

Pool water color that results from oxidized metals can come in an assortment of colors, and is mostly translucent in its early stages. Green, red, black, and brown are some of the most common colors produced by these metals. If you know you don’t have algae and your pool water is green, it is probably caused by either dissolved copper or iron. Red and brown pool water colors are caused by iron corrosion in the water supply. Black and/or brown pool water is usually produced by manganese in the water supply.

These colored pool water conditions usually appear after a swimming pool is initially filled with water or after a pool shock treatment. If the water supply you use to fill your pool contains metals, it should be treated with a sequestering agent, like metal control, and/or water clarifier prior to adding pool sanitizers or pool chlorine. After a pool shock treatment, metals can oxidize which allows them to fall out of solution and become more visually apparent.


To treat colored water that is not caused by pool algae, you will first need to adjust the pH and alkalinity to the recommended ranges. After your pool water is balanced, add a sequestering agent and run your pool filter. Wait two days and apply a pool shock treatment. Retest your pH and alkalinity with pool water test strips. You will next test calcium hardness levels after the recommended wait time for pool shock.

You can achieve the crystal-clear, colorless pool water you dream about. Don’t let colored pool water, treatable pool stains, algae and oxidized metals stand in your way.

What Are Bio-Fuels?

Bio fuels are fuels that are derived from biological materials, mainly through the decomposition of biological materials. They are renewable fuels derived from biological matter like biogas, bio-diesel and methane. Bio fuels can exist as solids, liquids and gasses.

Bio fuels are can be produced directly from plants or indirectly from industrial, domestic and/or agricultural wastes. Ways in which bio fuels can be generated include but is not limited to: Burning of dry organic wastes like regular household waste materials, industrially and agriculturally generated waste materials, the fermentation of wet agricultural waste like animal dung in the absence of oxygen, fermentation of sugar/starch/carbohydrate containing crops to produce ethanol etc.

Bio fuels are also categorized into four major groups. These groups include:

The first generation: consisting mainly of bio fuels derived from vegetable fat/oils, animal fats/oils, starch, sugar etc. Examples of first generation bio fuels include biogas, bio diesel and vegetable oil.

The second generation: made up of bio-fuels gotten from waste biomass.

The third generation: made of bio fuels that are algae derived.

The fourth generation group of bio fuels are produced by a process where specially-raised/reared micro-organisms are used to work on CO2 to generate fuel.

Using Bio fuels is certainly a great way of reducing over dependence on fossil fuels that have a very unpredictable and unusually price. Also with the dangers non renewable fuels pose on our enviroment I see no reason why we would still want to continue using these damaging fuels.

Has Toxic Algae Returned to Lake Okeechobee?

More green algae was spotted on the Florida lake, which had a toxic algal bloom last year. Luckily, this year’s small outburst was caused by something a little different…

Night Sweats and Chinese Herbs

Night Sweats are a common Menopause Symptom. Many Menopausal women experience Sweating with their Hot Flashes throughout the day. When it happens at night, though, it’s a problem in itself. It can mean ruined sleep. Women typically wake up at 2-3 in the morning, soaked and burning. What a Drag!

One of the first is make sure you are DRINKING enough…fluids. That means water, juice, herb teas, etc. That means Two liters a day. Many women tell me they don’t drink at all after their morning coffee.

First, let’s look into how a Traditional Herbalist looks at Night Sweats.

Night Sweats in Chinese Medicine are understood to be Deep chronic Dehydration that has become inflamatory. TCM calls this “Yin Deficiency”. They don’t even address it as a Menopause Symptom. Yet, the TCM approach works to treat it!

TCM calls these herbs “Yin” Tonics. Ayurveda would describe them as nourishing “Kapha”. These herbs Hydrate, coat,and soothe parched,inflamed muccous membranes. Common herbs that do this are:

Marshmallow(Althea), Asparagus ROOT,

Great Ayurvedic herbs are Shatavari(Asparagus Racemosa), and Amla(Emblica Myrobalani).

Spirulina is a Super Nutrient, that energizes and nourishes cells. Take 3-4 500 mg. tablets daily and watch your energy soar! It’s an Incredible Fluid and Blood Builder. Spirulina is helpful for practically Any menopause symptom.

My favorite TCM herbs for this purpose are: Chinese Stellaria(YinChaiHu), Lycium Root(DiguPi), White Peony Rt.(BaiShao) and many others.

In addition to replacing the fluids, herbs that stop sweating are also good. Theses include:
WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)
ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry)
FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain)

TCM herbs are used together in formulas for best results. You can tincture any formula you see here and have a huge supply in a few weeks!

Personally, I Love Chinese Herbs when it comes to Efficient Night Sweat Relief.

Don’t worry you don’t have to know a thing about Chinese Herbs.

You can just print the formulas and take them to a Chinese Herb store. They are actually prescriptions! Some Chinese Herbal Pharmacies will make up capsules for you. Many will make up powders.

Or you can buy the actual “raw” herbs and MAKE your own Herbal Medicine tinctures!

Of course you can always order any Tincture Formula you see online from Ultimate Menopause Herbal Tinctures!

Also, very effective is to gently boil the “raw” herbs for 20 minutes and simply drink the strong “Decoction” several times a day. This is the traditional way, but I haven’t seen many people willing to put up with the hassle, bad smell or taste, for too long.

Here’s Two Great formulas for Night Sweats:

The first is for Night Sweats that are really bad, as well as dehydration.

TCM for Night Sweats #1
2-part…WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)
2-part…ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry)
2-part…FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain)
1-part…HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.)
1-part…ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt)
1-part…DiGuPi(Lycium Rt)
1-part…YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt)
1-part…MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)
1-part…DanShen(Chinese Salvia)
1-part…JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms)
2-part…QingHao(Sweet Artemesia)
2-part…BaiShao(White Peony Rt)
2-part…GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit)
2-part…NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit)
2-part…TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt)
1-part…TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds)

The second Night Sweats formula #2 is if you have a tendency to get Bloated or swollen:

TCM Night Sweats Buster #2

2-part…WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)
2-part…ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry)
2-part…FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain)
2-part…QingHao(Sweet Artemesia)
2-part…BaiShao(White Peony Rt)
2-part…GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit)
2-part…NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit)
2-part…TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt)
2-part…HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.)
1-part…ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt)
1-part…DiGuPi(Lycium Rt)
1-part…YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt)
1-part…MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)
1-part…DanShen(Chinese Salvia)
1-part…JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms)
1-part…TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds)
1-part…WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds)
1-part…Houpo(Magnolia Bark)

If You want to try Western Herbs… Here’s a Really effective Western Formula:

But, Relax, you don’t have to copy it exactly to get good results. Even if you can’t get all of the Herbs, it’s OK. They are all designed to go well together. These Herbs also tincture well together.

Western Hot Flash Buster Formula:

3-parts…Marshmallow Rt.(Althea)
2-parts…Asparagus Rt.
2-parts…White Peony Rt.
2-parts…Spirulina Powder
1-part….Lemon Balm(Mellissa)
1-part….Dandelion Rt.(Taraxacum)
1/4-part..Turmeric Rt and/or…
1/4-part..Fennel seeds

This is Deeply Nourishing and Hydrating. Tincture and start to take by the teaspoon in 2 weeks. 3-4 times a day is good for mild Hot Flashes. Every few hours for Serious Night Sweats.

[Important!Don’t forget, Alcohol in tinctures can Bother Night Sweats! If you are taking tinctures every few hours, the pour boiling water over the dose in a cup. When it cools off, Dilute well. That’s enough to neutralize the alcohol for most people.] You can also order the herbs in powder form and drink 1 teaspoon 3 X Day mixed with water. Or fill your own herbal capsules