Guide to Cabot Deck Stain

To have a clean and neat home is something that all will want. Exterior living has become very popular especially in the west. Thus the exterior house stains and deck stains have become a big nuisance and a challenge. For deck stains Cabot deck stain is number one. It helps prevent mildew on the deck without harming the stains. If the surface of the wood is not cleaned or washed properly, the stain will wear off. They are available in many colors.

What is Cabot Deck Stain?

It is an oil-based product, which is semi transparent in its looks. The semi transparent beauty of the Cabot deck stain brings out the beauty of the wood and provides deep protection. Cabot Deck Stains are durable and can be used for all types of wood decks and fences. They are mostly used on lumber such as cedar, fir, pine, redwood, spruce, cypress and all pressure treated wood. Before applying Cabot deck stain the remaining stain has to be removed and then only apply the Cabot deck stain.

Uses Of Cabot Deck Stain:

The main use of Cabot deck stain is that it protects the wood also giving it a beautiful look. They also prevent in the cracking, peeling and blistering of the wood. They are water repellents and mildew resistant stains. Prevents the formation of the mildew on the wood. This helps the wood to beautify and give a good look to your wood.

Maintenance tips for Deck:

1) Clean the surface: The most important step in deck maintenance is cleaning. Old finishes have to be stripped off with the help of a stripper. Wood cleanser can be used to remove dirt, algae. Decking stains will not be effective on dirt and algae. Terefore the cleaning process is very important. A deck should be stained only if it is cleaned and has to be dry for 3-5days

2) Product Choice: Several factors have to be considered while choosing a deck stain. Some want to choose a color while some owners want to show off the natural color of the wood deck. Make sure you choose a color that has ultra violet blockers to minimize the UV blockers. Because of the surface is horizontal the deck is more prone to harsh climatic conditions such as heat and Ultra Violet Rays, and moisture in the form of snow, rain, frost and dew. Therefore choosing products like water roofers and translucent is very important.

3) Application: It is very important to follow instructions very clearly. Some products and semi solids require only one coat. But some solid colors may require multicoating. Keep the temperature in mind, it will be mentioned on the instruction. In the US and Canada the ideal is between May and October. To avoid direct sunlight apply coatings early mornings or late afternoons. Also it should not rain in the next 24 hours of application. The brush used should be of good quality. You have to make sure that the stain works into the wood.

Thus to have a deck clean and dust free make sure you make the right choice by using Cabot Deck Stain. Give maximum protection against harmful effects to your wood.

Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel Review

Here is my Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel review. It is a proven natural treatment that will cure your bags and other problems around your eyes. It is formulated with active ingredients that will target those unwanted bags and even the wrinkles around your eyes. The Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel is composed of well-blended natural substances that are highly developed to work effectively. It can even treat the root cause of those bags under your eyes.

Take for example the Eyeliss™, a component present in this gel that is made from a complex peptide which is carefully processed through technology. This famous substance works by purposely eliminating the cause of puffiness in the eyes. It will smooth over the poor drainage that causes fluid build-up beneath your skin.

Eyeliss™ also has active properties that decrease capillary permeability, and enhances the lymphatic circulation under eyes. On top of those benefits, it boosts the skin’s firmness and elasticity to allow your skin to be wrinkle-free.

Another natural ingredient found in the Xtend Life Eye Contour gel that helps you treat bags under your eyes is the Homeo Age™ substance. This component is uniquely extracted from the Canadian algae. It is famously known as brown algae. This extract contains natural vitamins and minerals that effectively work on problems around your eyes. It reduces wrinkles and also has antioxidant properties that stimulate skin cells and revitalizes cellular growth.

Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 is a natural component and is derived from CoenzymeQ10. It permeates deep down to the bottom layers of the skin. It also improves the collagen and elastin production.

CynergyTK™ is renowned ingredient due to its miracle effect in reversing the process of aging. It has Functional Keratin™ that is likened to a basic protein produced in our body. This substance will powerfully rejuvenate your skin. It makes you feel like applying liquid on your face and body and leaves you feeling like having a new skin while it works to stimulate new skin cells as well.

CynergyTK™ has a moisturizing property that penetrates deeply and helps lock in that moisture.

Natural Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol is another significant ingredient in this gel that is famed for its antioxidant properties. It helps eradicate the appearance of fine lines.

The Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel is a product that does not only help you solve the bags under your eyes but it also stops those dreadful age spots. Now that you have finished reading my Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel review, it all up to you to take the next step. You can visit the Xtend Life Eye Contour Gel site by clicking here.

Lake Eyre – Outback Australia

A nature-lover’s ideal travel destination might not be a salt lake (dry lake) in the middle of an Australian desert. So why are so many people flocking to Lake Eye at the moment? It’s because it is currently teeming with water, plant and wildlife where usually there is only a lifeless area that is 15m below sea level (the lowest point of continental Australia.

When there is significant rainfall further north in Queensland the river systems of Cooper Creek, Diamantina and Georgina flow through to transform Lake Eyre – this happens on average only once every 10-12 years. When Lake Eyre is in flood it becomes a breeding ground for water birds especially pelicans. There are many theories but none that definitely explain the migration of birds to the area during these times. Apart from birds the floods see frogs, microscopic crustaceans and a wealth of plants and algae spring up where previously there was only salt, sand and dust.

Lake Eyre South – Oodnadatta; Lake Eyre North – Level Post Bay; and Lake Eyre North – Halligan Bay are the 3 public access points if you have a 4wd. Lake Eyre in flood is best viewed by air where you can really appreciate its sheer scale and beauty. Flights are offered from nearby towns including William Creek, Marree and Wilpena Pound (Flinders Ranges). Whist you are catching your flight, check out the unique outback experiences on offer at these towns, whether you are looking for a pub lunch, a chat with the locals or a longer stay.

With the Oodnadatta, Birdsville and slightly further afield Strzelecki tracks, it is easy to continue exploring the outback regions from Lake Eyre. The Oodnadatta track is a 620km unsealed track that runs between Marree and Marla in outback South Australia; the Birdsville track runs the 517km from Marree (South Australia) to Birdsville (Queensland); and the Strzelecki track takes you out along the Cooper Creek to Innamincka near the borders of South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Lake Eyre in flood is a truly spectacular Australian outback experience no matter which way you choose to travel.

If you would like to read additional information regarding Lake Eyre, please follow this link: Lake Eyre








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Highest Dose Of Omega-3 Benefits And Effects – 4 Shocking Things To Avoid Before It’s Too Late!

Omega-3 fatty acids are called “fats of life” due to their vital role in our overall health and well-being. But, what is the highest dose of omega-3 benefits and effects that you can achieve safely? Find out the expert answer in this article.

Even with the consumption of high-dose omega-3, benefits and effects might not be as per your expectations. The reason is that a lot of omega-3 supplement brands, contain mostly ALA (alpha linolenic acid) and not significant amounts of the most essential Omega 3 fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicospentaenoic acid). Due to this fact, a lot of health benefits of Omega 3s will not be easily recognized.

DHA plays a vital role in brain health and development. Research studies have shown that DHA supplementation helps to overcome the symptoms of depression. It has been shown to achieve significant improvements in problems such as ADD (Attention deficit disorder); ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in children and helps to boost their concentration levels and sharpens their memory.

DHA and EPA supplementation also helps a lot in Alzheimer’s disease. A regular intake of Omega 3s is recommended to reduce the risk of occurrence of Alzheimer’s, memory loss and age-related dementia in later stages of life. In this case, even the highest dose of omega-3 benefits and effects might not be evident until later stages in life.

Our ancestors were lucky to have an easy access to foods that are naturally rich in omega-3. They used to consume a diet consisting of grass-fed meat (meat derived from cattle, chicken, beef, cheap, etc. that consume grass in open pastures) and fish caught in the wild that ate algae, etc. naturally.

But these days, almost all of the meat that is sold in the major supermarkets is of the grain and corn fed variety; and the fish is the one that is farm raised and is fed on food pellets. These are not their natural diets and therefore, make their flesh very deficient in Omega 3s.

If you have a healthy diet consisting of lots of green leafy vegetables, beef and chicken; then by adding high dose omega-3, benefits and effects in terms of improved health and vitality would be visible immediately. You can also see an improved concentration and a sharper memory.

Here are some essential criteria to look for in high quality fish oil supplements to benefit from the highest dose of omega-3 benefits and effects —

1) Make sure to include fish oil supplements that are high in DHA and EPA omega-3 fats. Plant-based omega-3 foods contain it in the form of ALA. But ALA needs to be converted into DHA and EPA by our body before it can be used by the organs such as the brain and heart. This process does not always take place very efficiently by the body due to various reasons. On the other hand, high-quality fish oil supplements are rich in DHA and EPA and give the benefits directly to our body.

2) Avoid fish liver oils as far as possible. This is because the liver is an organ to purify the blood and contains the highest concentration of mercury, lead, etc. and other contaminants. Besides that, it also contains very high levels of vitamin A, which can be toxic in high doses.

3) Make sure to use supplements that contain the lowest amount of artificial preservatives. Look for manufacturers that harvest their fish nearby to the port of processing. This ensures maximum freshness of the fish oil and guarantees the products effectiveness.

4) To reap the maximum high dose omega-3 benefits and effects, choose only those supplements that are made out of fish that are naturally rich in DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids. This is because not all species are equally rich in Omega 3s. For example, tilapia is a popular fish but contains no omega-3 fatty acids. Hoki fish is one of the best that is found in the cleanest waters of New Zealand and is naturally rich in DHA and EPA. It is used in the best fish oil supplements.

Latest medical research has found clear evidence that high-dose omega-3 benefits and effects are seen clearly and are visible in almost each and every part of the human body. These include the heart, brain, skin, joints, digestive system, nails and hair.

This makes omega-3 fish oil supplementation one of the most effective, easy and economic health alternatives that you can choose to reap the maximum benefits of Omega 3s.

Why Fiberglass Pool is your Pool of Choice

When we think of swimming pools, swimming baths, or wading pools, we think of cool waters and the relaxing feeling that soothes our entire physique. On a hot, humid day, dipping yourself in the pool is such a great idea. It will release the heat in your body and make you feel cooler and calmer. It can relax your tense muscles and moreover, swimming is also a good exercise because when you swim, you are able to move every muscle of your body.

Many of us love to go swimming in pools but there may be some of us that still don’t know what are the different types of pools. These pools vary in shapes and sizes. There are in-ground and above ground pools. The latter is suitable for places where excavation can be considered impossible due to the cold temperature and threatens damage to the pool structure while in-ground is a pool built into the ground where you have to dig up piles of dirt to make a big, hollow hole. For these types of pools, you can choose what kind of material will be used to build it such as fiberglass, vinyl, or gunite (concrete). Each type has its pros and cons but among these three, there is surely a good, better and best option. And the best option is fiberglass, of course. Want to know why?

Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic which lasts for a long time. Its durability and dependability is a big factor in making it the best pool. It usually has a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. It only takes around 2 weeks for installation. Chemical usage is good because the pool’s surface does not alter the water’s chemical balance. You only need to use fewer chemicals. Electrical usage is also on an average of 4-6 hours daily. The surface texture is also smooth thus it does not irritate or hurt the skin and does not scratch bathing suits. The walking and seating areas are also designed to be slip resistant for more security and they are built into the pool shell. You can also clean it up easily with a brush because algae sweeps off with brush effortlessly. Resurfacing also takes more than 10 years. Maintenance only takes 1-2 hours per week. These pools are also manufactured under strict quality control standards. Models are limited to the manufacturer. The type of coping is fiberglass. It only costs average.

Vinyl Pool

On this type of pool, wood, plastic or metal wall frame is being assembled around the hole. Sand is laid out along the bottom hole and vinyl lining is secured. Thus, it only warrants the liner seams only. After 8-10 years, you will have to replace it with a new liner. It also takes 2-3 weeks for installation. There is fewer chemicals needed because the surface does not alter the chemical balance of the water. The surface is smooth but slippery and easily punctured by surfacing rocks, toys or pets. The steps and seating areas are optional and for additional cost. The vinly liner seams are easily penetrated by algae. Electrical usage is 5-7 hours daily. Maintenance per week is 2-3 hours. The quality depends on the installer. Models are limited to the manufacturer.

Gunite (Concrete) Pool

The Gunite Pool is built from a reinforced concrete. It takes around 3-4 weeks to build one. It has around 5-10 years warranty with finishes available. The surface texture is rough and can cause injury or scuffing on skin and swimwear. Electricity usage to circulate water takes 8-10 hours daily. More time and effort is required to clean it up because algae easily penetrates it and would require the use of acid baths and scrubbing. Maintenance time can start from 4-5 hours per week. Resurfacing is 10 years. For the chemicals, the plaster in gunite reacts with water to raise pH levels thus more chlorine and acid are needed to counterbalance the chemical reaction. Stairs and seating are also optional and for an additional cost. The quality depends on the installer as it is made on-site.

Maintaining your Hot Tub

How do you keep your hot tub looking good and trouble free past the warranty date? Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your hot tub.

Keep your sanitizer level up to code

The use of sanitizers are one of the most important things that you want to monitor and control in your hot tub use. Sanitizing refers to killing, preventing, and controlling the algae and bacteria levels in your hot tub. In other words their purpose is to improve the water quality through the reduction of microorganisms.

Using a hot tub with contaminated water can spread serious illnesses. If the sanitizer level is not maintained to a proper level, waterborne germs will thrive and migrate to human hosts.

The most popular traditional sanitizers are bromine and chlorine. But the newer technologies such as ozone and ionizer sanitizers become more popular every year. Whichever type of sanitizer you use, make sure it doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty of your hot tub. Also, keep from using sanitizers with harsh chemicals that can harm the hot tub components.

Keep Your pH levels under control

pH refers to the acidity of the water. The lower the pH of the water, the more acidic it is. If the acidity level is too high (i.e., the pH is too low) the water will begin to corrode the metal parts of your hot tub. A pH level too high can also cause problems for your hot tub. A high pH level can cause build up of scale and make it easy for stains to form.

The perfect hot tub pH range is between 7.2 and 8.0. You can easily test the pH level with spa strips.

Use a non soap based cleaner to clean the water line. This is not simply an aesthetic quirk. Bacteria and algae regard a hot tub water line as a great breading ground for growth.

About once every two months – more if you subject your hot tub to heavy use, drain your hot tub and clean it with a good, non soap based, cleaning paste. Failure to clean your hot tub on a regular basis will lead to the build of up total dissolved solids which will make the water cloudy and contribute to the amount of unsightly surface foam.

Once a month, clean the water filter cartridge with a good cartridge cleaner. A dirty water filter not only inhibits water flow in the hot tub, it helps create an environment that bacteria love. If the water filter is still dirty after a cleaning or two, you may have to replace it entirely.

And finally, use hot tub covers. A hot tub cover will help to keep the tub from getting dirty by keeping out insects, debris, and other things that can possibly clog your filters. An added benefit is that a good thermal hot tub cover will help to save heating costs by preventing heat from escaping.

Following these tips along with other tips recommend by your owners manual will keep your hot tub functioning in good shape for many years.

Earthrise Spirulina Gold Plus, 180 Count

Only $20.81

Earthrise Spirulina Gold Plus. Description: Higher Phycocyanin, Zinc and Natural Vitamin C. Supports Athletic Stamina and Endurance. California Grown. Earthrise Spirulina Gold Plus. for enhanced antioxidant protection, brain and eye health, cardiovascular health and immune function. This Proprietary and advanced form of Spirulina is high in Phycocynin, natural Vitamin C and Zinc. A human clinical study shows that it enhances immune function and supports a normal inflammatory response. 100% vegetarian: ecologically cultivated in California sunshine. Non-GMO. Free of gluten, herbicides, pesticides and irradiation. Free of GMO, gluten, herbicides, pesticides and irradiation. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Earthrise spirulina gold plus
Supports Athletic Stamina and Endurance
For enhanced antioxidant protection, brain and eye health, cardiovascular health and immune function

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The Natural Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

What if I told you the natural remedy for under eye dark circles and bags? An easy way to get rid of your puffy eyes and under eye circles that only makes you look younger and healthier?

There are many skincare companies which promise instant cures for your puffy eyes and dark circles. But, many of their skincare products contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

You don’t want to use dangerous chemicals on your skin (especially around your eyes) like: acrylamide since it’s very irritating to the eyes and skin, alcohols because they dry out and also irritate your skin, and mineral oils should be avoided due to the fact they clog pores and prevent your skin from eliminating toxins.

Instead of chemical based products, look at skincare which contains healthy, natural substances found in an eye gel that reduces the bags under your eyes and dark circles.

Discover the secret to a safe, effective natural remedy for under eye dark circles found in natural substances. No harmful chemicals, just healthy and safe ingredients used to eliminate your under eye circles.

A skincare product meant to be used around the eye area which has been clinically tested (on human volunteers) and proven to achieve results. Natural ingredients that work to  get rid of those dark under eye circles so your delicate skin has a more supple, firm and healthy look.

Besides the natural ingredients like vitamin E, active manuka honey and babassu, look for these effective and chemical free substances:

• Homeo Age™ — this natural ingredient is an extract from Canadian brown algae. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate skin around your eyes.

And, the combination of two ingredients in the natural eye gel that helps remove those bags under your eyes and dark circles. Effective substances called Halyoxl™ and Eyeliss™.

• Halyoxl™ — this substance helps thicken the skin under your eyes. It boosts circulation and removes accumulated haemoglobin from the delicate skin area. Halyoxl™ has been tested and clinical studies have shown to reduce under eye circles by more than 60%!

• Eyeliss™ — an ingredient formulated in Europe that reduces the puffiness and bags under your eyes and also smoothes out the wrinkles.

Now that you know the natural remedy for under eye dark circles and bags under your eyes that is safe and effective. Only pure, natural active ingredients are treatment for dark circles and puffy eyes that are found in the most amazing eye gel.

Visit my website today for information on how to get rid of the bags under your eyes and dark circles. Learn more about the natural, powerful substances used in quality skincare that are safe, healthy and proven effective.

Discover the Truth About How to Build Collagen Underneath Eyes

Have you ever imagined… what it would be like to get rid of those bags under your eyes? And discover how to build collagen in skin underneath eyes again.

The first place people look at when talking to you is your eyes. They are a dead giveaway as to how you feel, and the state of your health. Dark circles and bags are not a good look, and can often mean your over stressed or even ill.

Even if you are in reasonably good health, the natural aging process catches up with you. By middle age, most people especially those that work outdoors exposed to UV-A sunrays and the environment, get bags, sagging and dark circles around their eyes.

Free radical, and of course natural aging of your skin cause this damage. They are contributing factors causing loss of collagen and elastin proteins from your skin.

So what can you do to slow this process and rejuvenate this delicate under eye skin area.

There are new eye gel substances on the market. That use the latest scientific technology and ingredients that can help your skin become healthier and younger looking.

One of these new generation eye gels, I recently started using every day, has 10 key anti aging, anti wrinkle ingredients. Some are clinically proven to reduce bags, dark circles under the eyes, and re-grow collagen and elastin skin cells. Five of the most important ingredients are.

Eyeliss that is formulated in Europe, which has a dramatic effect in reducing bags under the eyes.

Haloxyl proven in clinical trials to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Cynergy TK contains a natural ingredient called functional keratin that has been proven in clinical trials on humans, to substantially stimulate and increase your production levels of collagen and elastin proteins.

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 a special nano-emulsion form of CoQ10. Which can penetrate down through seven layers of skin. It increases collagen and elastin production. It effectively can gobble up free radicals in your skin that results in a dramatic anti wrinkle effect.

Homeo Age a powerful anti aging ingredient derived from brown algae. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and proven to significantly reduce eye wrinkles.

The remaining ingredients in this particular natural eye gel contain essential oils, anti-oxidants, emollients and vitamins.

If your not getting the results you want with you current eye gel. Maybe now’s the time to think about trying one of the new generation natural anti wrinkle eye gels.

Finally, you can now reduce those bags and circles from under your eyes. You have discovered how to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes using a natural anti wrinkle eye gel. After all, we all want a more youthful appearance for our eyes.

Visit my website, and see which safe natural cutting edge ingredients I chose to use on my skin every day.