San Diego Company Creates Fatty Algae That Could One Day Help Fight Climate Change

San Diego-based Synthetic Genomics and oil giant Exxon Mobil said they have created a genetically modified strain of algae that takes a step closer toward making renewable, carbon-neutral fuel grown in algae ponds a reality.

PoolRx will Solve: Algae Every Week, Constant Low Chlorine Levels, High Phosphates

In my previous video I gave you an overview of the PoolRx product but in this video I show you actual test pools. PoolRx does an amazing job in pools that are feeding grounds for algae. Even with high phosphates or high nitrate levels, the PoolRx will completely turn your pool around.

I have been testing the PoolRx in a few of my problem pools on my pool route and the results have been great. These pools have constant algae, very low chlorine residuals week to week and high Phosphate levels. The majority of my pools are in great shape, but like any large pool route there are a few that need special attention.

If your looking for a quick fix for your pools water balancing and water quality issues PoolRx will provide that. I have been doing extensive testing on my pool route and the results have been amazingly good.

The first pool in the video has very high phosphate levels. The customer recently had their yard fertilized and since then the algae has been a constant problem. Chlorine has also been zeroing out week to week. Like all of the other pools in the video this is a large pool, over 25,000 gallons. So I used the Black PoolRx which is rated for 20,000 to 30,000 gallons of water. One week after I applied the PoolRx the pool was completely algae free.

If you haven’t seen the other PoolRx video I filmed here is the link. It is an overview video and tells you everything you need to know about the product.

PoolRx Overview and Use Video: Eliminates and Prevents all Algae:

Basically Pool Rx is a special mineral treatment that prevents and eliminates all algae in your pool. A side benefit is that since the chlorine no longer needs to work so hard, there is a greater residual each week. So you use less chlorine and the pool remains algae free.

To use PoolRx simply pick the right size unit for your pool; 7,500-20,000 gallons is the Blue Unit. 20,000-30,000 gallons is the Black unit. If you have a 40,000 gallon pool for instance you would need two of the Blue units. For a spa choose either the 100-400 gallon Yellow Unit or the 400-1,000 gallon small Black Unit. It is pretty simple.

Then you would just insert the PoolRx into your skimmer or pump basket (pump basket being the preferred method) and run your pool the normal cycle or at least for 4 hours. You also want to start with a clean pool filter, basically you want to circulate the mineral from the PoolRx into the pool so it is dispersed properly.

The Spa in this video was just getting hammered each week from the Orange tree above it. With the spa being heated all week and the pollen covering the surface the chlorine was being used up constantly. Since the spa is around 400 gallons I used the small Yellow poolRx unit designed for spas or small bodies of water. One week later it was completely clear and had a very strong chlorine residual.

The Grey plaster pool that appears next has had many problems since the D.E. filter had some torn grids and was shooting D.E. back into the pool. It wasn’t filtering properly for a couple of weeks while I got approval to change all of the grids out. The recovery was very slow so I decided to drop a PoolRx unit in to speed things up. After running for a couple of weeks with the new filter grids installed and the PoolRx in the pump basket the pool has never looked better. The chlorine is also very stable in this account now as a side benefit.

This last pool was a new account that I started. The filter was very dirty and the Conditioner levels (CYA) were well over 200 ppm. It also had a nitrates in the pool water. It was just burning thru chlorine and the algae was just not going away. After one week running with the PoolRx in the pump, the pool has cleared up and is looking great. It still will need a partial drain, but the customer can now use their pool and enjoy it in the meantime.

I can’t say enough about how effective the PoolRx product is. I have it in five pools on my route and in two spas and these accounts have never looked better. The product will last the entire season in most cases, 4-6 months. After that you can add a “Booster Minerals” Packet or purchase a new PoolRx unit. If you have a problem pool it is well worth the investment.
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Bloom of Bioluminescent Algae Illuminates Waters Near Port Lincoln, South Australia

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SunSun 304B External Canister Filter.
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ACLU: State didn’t do enough about algae crisis

The ACLU says the state did not do enough to warn people about the algae crisis.
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