Eliminate Algae, The Future of Filtration.

My friends at Santa Monica Filtration hooked me up with one of their algae scrubber systems. In this video I install and give my initial thoughts of the HOG2 system. Algae scrubbers offer up a multitude of benefits. I am excited to get to run the HOG2 and see what it can do. If you want to find out more about algae scrubbers or get one of your own check out these links.

The HOG2 Algae Scrubber:

How Alage Scrubbers Work:

Alage scubbers used for enviromentail clean-up:

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  1. White Knight
    White Knight says:

    Why do you want to get rid of Nitrate and Phosphate when they are the macro nutrients/food needed for your plants? People who keep planted tanks are adding these nutrients into their tanks and you're removing them.


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