High Speed Rail: The Time is Now


By Erin Kent Magee

1st Republican Presidential Candidate from the State of Florida<br><br>

Why all of the discussion concerning High Speed Rail?  

According to CBS News, 6.2 million Americans, forty-five percent (45%) of all unemployed workers in this country, have been unemployed for more than 6 months.  This is the highest rate we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

High Speed Rail is the catalyst that will put Americans back to work.

A nationwide system will generate millions of jobs, and help revive our manufacturing sector by creating a new industry producing the trains, steel and related components.

High-Speed Rail will spur the revitalization of cities by encouraging high density mixed-use real estate development around the stations.

High-Speed Rail will extend the reach of Americans looking for work and help workers get to their workplace on time!

  • High-Speed Rail is extremely reliable, and will run on schedule under all weather conditions.
  • High-Speed Rail is not subject to congestion and can operate daily without delay, even during rush hour and peak travel times.

High Speed Rail is self-supporting.

The cost of operation will decline each year to the point where the savings will exceed the estimated $800 billion cost of construction.  The system will eventually pay for itself.

In short, High-Speed Rail =

  • No Traffic,
  • No Tolls &
  • No New Taxes

High Speed Rail is an economic necessity and a matter of national security.

The American economy is extremely vulnerable to oil price hikes, supply disruptions, and shortages due to our huge daily oil dependency.  We use 20 million barrels of oil everyday in America, 70% of which is for transportation.  We import 2/3 of our oil, much of it from unstable regions half way around the world.  Current events across the Middle East and North Africa make our oil supply that much more vulnerable. 

The countries that produce oil, many of which have been steadily declining in overall production numbers, are producing less and less oil each year.  This is due to the fact that many of the world’s leading oil fields have, or are currently maxing out and in decline.  This makes it increasingly difficult to meet current American oil demand, and impossible to meet future increases in demand – expected to double over the next 20 years.

High-Speed Rail will allow us to expand transportation options as we reduce our daily demand for oil. 

Since increasing oil supply is proving to be practically impossible, reducing demand is the only viable solution.  Ramping up forms of transportation that consume little or no oil is the heart of the solution.  Creating a  national transportation network based on a system of electric trains throughout the country will take a huge bite out of our unsustainable appetite for oil, while increasing mobility, efficiency, global competitiveness and national security.

In conjuction with butanol production, High-Speed Rail will reduce our dependence on foreign oil by more than 50% (2,3)

High-Speed Rail is the large-scale, comprehensive solution to the oil supply problem, and is the most significant way to reduce our daily consumption of oil quickly and efficiently while maintaining our prosperity and economic growth.

High-Speed Rail will mean:

  • Less Money Spent on Gasoline,
  • More Business &
  • Real Jobs for Real People

With so many advantages, when should we commit ourselves to a national High-Speed Rail system?  The time is now.


1. US High-Speed Rail Association

2. The Right Track – Building a 21st Century High-Speed Rail System for America, Tony   Dutzik & Siena Kaplan, 3-12-2012

3. Study: Fuel from algae could cut oil imports by 17%, green.autoblog.com

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