Hipster trends of 2016 include paleo pet food, beard jewellery and algae lattes

There once was a time when drinks were served in cups, sausages were eaten with bread and the only thing added to coffee was sugar and milk. 

But in the hipster world of 2016, everything has to be deconstructed, served with kale and slurped from a jar while sitting on a crate.

For those who don’t use irony as the ultimate measure of style, FEMAIL has broken down the most achingly ‘hispter’ trends of the year that’s been. 

Coffee culture: A Melbourne cafe came up with this blue, live algae coffee

Causing a stir: This deconstructed coffee was the centre of a nationwide media storm, with one writer begging: ‘This must stop, dear Melbourne’


Enjoying a good cup of coffee is not merely enough for the caffeine-junkie hipster of today. 

And 2016 has seen its fair share of weird and wonderful hot beverages designed to meet their discerning tastes. 

First came the deconstructed coffee in June – a latte served by a Melbourne cafe on a wooden block in three separate glass beakers.

The drink caused a nationwide stir, with writer Jamila Rizvi begging at the time that ‘this must stop’. 

Then, a month later, came the ‘blue smurf latte’ from a vegan cafe in, you guessed it, Melbourne.

Not only was this latte served with agave and coconut ‘mylk’, it was also infused with live algae to give a characteristic blue colour.

The same cafe had previously served a turmeric-infused orange latte, and a beetroot latte coloured a shocking pink.  

Spicing it up: The same cafe that created the algae latte also came up with this turmeric-infused brew

Rest in peace: Gone is the humble sausage sizzle. Now, hipster BBQs are serving up maple sausages with red cabbage and lemon yoghurt


Perhaps the most surprising revelation of the 2016 Federal Election was the disappearance of the humble sausage sizzle. 

Instead of a slice of white bread and a squirt of sauce, ‘maple-syrup’ sausages were served with red cabbage, mint and lemon garlic yoghurt. 

Those hankering for a simple sausage could still do so, but they needed to be prepared to fork out as much as a staggering $5 for the simple pleasure. 

Another food trend that took hold this year was the tendency to infuse literally any type of food with rainbow colouring. 

Doughnuts, burger buns and even dumplings received the rainbow treatment, with cafes and restaurants eager to give it a crack. 

All rainbow everything: Another popular food trend involved the liberal use of colouring in foods such as doughnuts (left) and even dumplings (right)

Make it sparkle: 2016 also saw the return of hipster men dusting their beards with sparkling glitter


You might think there is nothing more quintessentially hipster than a fuzzy face full of hair. Think again. 

It is no longer enough to grow and groom your beard – to reach peak hipster you need to jazz it up with some sort of accessory. 

Some have turned to glitter to make their fuzz shine, sprinkling their face with fistfuls of ‘fairy dust’. 

Others turned to something a touch more subtle, using tiny pieces of beard jewellery to add a hint of subtle elegance. 

Some are even threading their beards with Christmas lights as they embrace the true spirit of the festive season. 

Subtle: Tiny pieces of beard jewellery (left and right) also became a hit this year

Festive: Another end-of-year beard fad involved threading your facial hair with Christmas lights


Forget a bag of bones from the butcher, hipsters have started buying organic, raw, paleo dog food for their pets. 

Started in Melbourne, Pawleo is a small company making artisan dog food and selling it both at local markets and via their website.

Pawleo: Raw dog food made with ‘paleo’ ingredients was popular with pet owners

The Brunswick business advertises itself as making ‘raw, grain-free, natural dog food’ and is growing in popularity with pet lovers.

The dog food contains raw meat, vegetables and things such as eggs and fish oil, but changes slightly each week depending on in-season ingredients, and costs as much as $120 for 10 kilograms.

Pet owners claim that the diet makes dogs healthier, improves the shine on their coats and gives them more energy. 


An entire range of scarcely believable hipster products have also come to light across the globe this year. 

On the top of the list is ‘Fog Point’ Vodka, retailing at US$125. The spirit is made from genuine San Francisco Fog, which supposedly makes the vodka ‘crisp’ and ‘pure’.

Hipsters have always been famously fond of old-school technology like record players and typewriters, but also fans of products like iPhones and laptops. 

Old school: This USB connector lets you indulge your taste for outdated technology

Now there’s a product where you can have the best of both worlds – the USB typewriter.

‘A groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence,’ the product’s website reads.

And if drinking a deconstructed coffee was not cool enough, you can now buy coffee vaping liquid to smoke your hit instead of drink it. 

Crisp: Made with genuine San Francisco fog, this bottle of vodka will set you back US $125

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