It’s Alive: Blooming Algae Darken Greenland Ice

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  1. Whirled Publishing
    Whirled Publishing says:

    Green algae will bloom in waters that are 7 to 8 C or 45 F – this will give you an idea of how warm the Arctic and Antarctic waters are – which explains why the New York Times reported the Ross Ice Shelf is now only 100 feet above sea level after reportedly extending 200 feet above sea level – which is to say from top to bottom, the Ross Ice Shelf was 2,000 feet high but now it is now less than 1,000 feet high – that's how much the ice has melted. This update comes after the 2014 report that warm sea waters had drilled river tunnels into the ice shelves 1,000 feet high.

    The Antarctic ice shelves extend for hundreds of miles into the warm sea water and are continuing to rapidly melt, crack apart and weaken as billions of tons of glaciers continue to push down on them. What happens when a chunk of ice the size of Mexico crashes into the sea? A volume of sea water the size of Mexico gets displaced which results in launching colossal tsunami waves that dislodge the other ice shelves which results in the billions of tons of glaciers having no support beneath them which results in the glaciers crashing into the sea which results in launching hundreds of colossal tsunami waves that race across the oceans at 800 kph.

    If you think this could never happen, read the captain's logs that go back hundreds of years, then study the hundreds of independent historic documents that go back over 600 years – written in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, etc., then you may begin to realize that the history of our Earth is nothing like we have been told which means the future of our Earth will be nothing like we have been told. Those who have refused to be poisoned, drugged, numbed and programmed with lies and lunacy have already packed and left. Everyone else will be sitting ducks when all this goes down – which is to say when the ice shelves collapse and the glaciers have nothing to hold them up.

    This map of the Antarctic islands shows how far the ice shelves extend out into the sea:

    The public is clueless about this – the fake science gods on parade in the media are equally ignorant. The fact that Larsen C is continuing to crack open in the dead of the Antarctic winter – when it should be frozen solid – should be a huge red flag for everyone – but no one seems to notice except the members of my international research group.


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