NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Plant Kingdom Lecture – 3 (NCERT – 11th) Algae

Modes of reproduction in algae
1. Vegetative
2. Asexual
3. Sexual

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19 replies
  1. Ashutosh Rath
    Ashutosh Rath says:

    Sir please upload the power-point presentation of Extra strokes lectures of all Units in Downloads section of your website……..

    It wil be a great gesture from your part for us , Sir…

    Happy Friendship day and raksha bandhan…..

  2. Sourbh Dara
    Sourbh Dara says:

    Sir every week two tests ke liye aap 50+50= 100 questions dete ho .Sir agar aisa ho ki aap every week one one test with 50 questions and daily 10 questions from topics of that day lectures ho for Mon,Tue,Wed and Thursday i.e 10×4=40 and 50 from week test 40+50=90 questions every week .Sir isse aapko bhi 100 ki jageh 90 questions type krne honge and hme bhi jyada benefit hoga .Sir agar aapko ye trika shi lge then please sochna iske bare . Thank you so much sir .we know sir that you put a lot of efforts for creating awesome questions for us , then typing them …and that too at nominal cost .You are equal to god for us .

  3. kajal slonia
    kajal slonia says:

    sir plzz can u sot out my short problem aapka jo human reproduction wala chapter h usmea last kea 15min k lecture mea volume hi ni h or plzz sr help me for these last 4to5 topicss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sr

  4. Kishor Navghare
    Kishor Navghare says:

    Sorry Respected Sir, for my 1 doubt_sir aap board pe marker pen se thode bade size mein likhiye na words kuch kuch term mein spelling nhi dikhti sir 260kb hd wale size mein taki hum dekh payenge hamare yahan internet speed slow chalta hai isliye dikhne mein thodi dikkat sorry but plz 🙏🙏

  5. Shweta Suman
    Shweta Suman says:

    sir is studying only ncert enough?? is it necessary to learn so many extra things which are rarely asked in neet ……..becausein neet 2017 also all the questions were from only ncert


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