Spirulina Cat

Will my cat eat spirulina? Is he a health nut hippy? Let’s find out.

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39 replies
  1. TheGreen Jarret
    TheGreen Jarret says:

    My mother's cat suffer from lachanophobia. She eats only butter, egg yolks and tiny bit of low quality catfood, bitch is addicted to Temptations and starve hitself in hope to get some. Flat out refuses anything healthy, pumpkin seeds nutritionnal yeast, green mush, algaes, good quality food full of veggies. Only fat.

    The other cat accept everything both the crap and the good stuff and is far more healthier. I wish he'd be a spirulina enthusiast. like this one.

  2. Lovelyday Vegan
    Lovelyday Vegan says:

    Aw that's great, he likes seaweed too doesn't he? My cats like odd things like avocado's and sweet corn, they sniff with interest, the spirulina but won't drink it – unfortunately lol <3

  3. Soaphy
    Soaphy says:

    Woahhh your cat eats spirulina :o! Is that healthy for them? I will give my cats some too. What a beautiful kitty you have. BTW I have just put a comment on your previous video. The same advertisement came on this video.

  4. Alonso Fernandez
    Alonso Fernandez says:

    that sv3rige guy is really crazy, he might go wherever you are to eat your raw meat, beware😁. oh btw i forgot THAILAAAND! ill be there in august, already bought the tickets, fruits all day, oh yeah! remember life is short.

  5. Vegan Beasts
    Vegan Beasts says:

    Hey so Spirulina is used as super food additive for vegan diets for cats. I know Vegetable Police ridicules the idea because of authoritarian terms like "obligate carnivore" but the fact is there are thousands of cats thriving on vegan cat foods. Arachidonic acid essential for cats, primarily found in meat can be sourced from another algae: Kelp. As far as Taurine goes, most commercial and conventional cat foods use taurine supplementation from vegan sources anyway. A good book on the topic is Obligate Carnivore by Jed Gillan. And Vegepets.info is made by an activist vegan veterinarian Dr. Andrew Knight.

  6. Trippy Vegan
    Trippy Vegan says:

    this short clip video is so much better than your lengthy ones. serious. I can't finish the others, it's too long. this is worth watching. short, simple entertainment. I recommend doing a couple of these a day, followed by a long one per week.

  7. weegingayin
    weegingayin says:

    Blue-green algae is a type of phytoplankton found in ponds and other freshwater environments and toxic species include Anabaena and Microcystis. They produce hepatoxins which damage your liver or neurotixins which will paralyse you. If you remember the plagues of Egypt, the NILE turned red and this is thought to be an algal bloom caused by red algae, and after the bloom all the fish died suggesting that the red algae also produced neurotoxins. ENJOY!!!

  8. Gay PigSlave
    Gay PigSlave says:

    Sv3rige Nightmares. Horray for Reggie… But I can't stop thinking about that diseased "can't move" rotten meat eater… My Goddins man… what have you done to me?

  9. Amigo Syl
    Amigo Syl says:

    nice to see cat's love spirulina , did you ever try some olives ? they love that so much too

    i give them to my cat black or green , he's happy and makes some jump all over the house 🙂

  10. ian roberts
    ian roberts says:

    hi commissioner vegetable,
    ts been at least 10 days
    where's my vegetable police long sleeve top in blue??
    do they come from overseas ?
    i'm in da uk init..
    think it said up to 3 weeks so i'm possibly just being impatient
    great cat vid .
    one of mine likes porridge with soy milk and honey ..
    they both like small creatures to torment and then eat like most cats i figure ..
    keep up the excellent work bro…

  11. Padraic loingsigh
    Padraic loingsigh says:

    For some reason, I was putting this off, I knew it was going to be funny, I thought about your video style and how you have a knack for comedic timing. Then the video starts and I remember that you talked shit about grains, now I'm just angry and can't enjoy the video, thanks a lot man!


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