The X-Challenge: Realm of Senses

If at the dawn of a third millennium something united humans still separated with boundaries of historic xenophobic suspicions, traditional beliefs and simply lacking of nationally-based natural resources, it is a strong quest for a mere biological survival in the better future. Of course, “better future”, one could endlessly argue, is a vogue definition at a global scale as present folks’ living standards differed among nations already substantially. Generally speaking, consuming as much as possible during an increasing life term, is a very meaning of a “better future” hereby definitely: even theoretically, no happiness possible without variety of goods and services acquired.

While in any country-round a globe non-exceptionally- socio-political surroundings by themselves grounded possibilities to assess elementary scientific achievements, this story is of the applied science novelties progress eventuates on, with and upon surely. 

 Miracles of the past have in numbers casually become constituents of a contemporary reality Internet and cell phone video calling represent the most visually. An announced shift from dental artificial implanting to growing up own new teeth is a sound example of a practical transformation from a sort of repairing, to artificially creating the self-renewing natural body parts. The US scientists’ achievements in establishing know-how of restoring the limbs severed / mutilated are inspiring. News from Germany of a locally discovered natural process of blood vessel tissues’ natural transforming into human blood living cells, could hardly be underestimated. In line with this, the most recent news of recovering a fresh living five-centimeter branch of spruce from a twenty nine year old man’s lung is.

 Such domesticated miracles powerfully indicate at humans’ possibility of altering own appearance stories of werewolves and similar creatures accompany humans eternally. Thus, a transferred set of cells might be appearing in a form of a human at the distant point if required. A practical utilization of these transformations had been foreseen more than decade ago with “The X-Challenge” emphasized on magnetic fields’ application. Everything, both physical conditions and pure psychological activities, mirrors a magnetic effect applied to. Western Australia’s psychologist Darren Lipnicki has just disclosed a link between the bizarreness of dreams and extremes in a local geomagnetic activity, established on data collated meticulously between 1990 and 1997.

 Contributing the unexplained to divine, mysterious or simply superstitious is a path human beings exist. However, all this historically substantiates the OUTER influences and yet being written about bodily self-adjusting natural reactions humans are surely capable for. 

 Some implicitly-technical clarification might be necessary for, especially, an eventual advanced-Y-generation-reader mentored, presumably, most modernly as a devotee of various electronic gadgets of which computing is the most.  

Atmospheric “ozone holes” are factual entry-points for outer space rays / radiation ionizing the stratosphere, causing the thawing of Polar ice forming the icebergs in the world ocean, disrupting environment accustomed till new status quo of the magnetic poles’ new placements being re-established.

 Such a Universe natural game of electro-magnetic fields stipulates a closer look at a microwave (or at an elementary oven mostly used worldwide in, particularly, places still not so blessed with health-affecting ambiguity of the power-consuming comfy modern kitchen appliances-“white goods”). An energy creates a field chicken is being cooked with. Everything outside a chicken belongs to outer forces. Chicken itself has been altering to a condition requested by a chef-yet written much of cooking from a view of chickens all biological creatures have been on the Earth, evolving between soil and Universe in a space called sometimes “bio-sphere”, developing and perishing by a force of a planetary magnetic field.

 The more self-conscious product affected the more resistible to cooking process such stuff is. 

 This resistance towards wrath of a nature is a further object of consideration.

  Upon billiards of years the simplest elements were changing combinations producing the most stable in planetary environment components, the most self-adjustable biological systems among which homo sapience is still a paramount of natural creativity. What made all us, so various on different merits and similar in desires, equal is a common fate of extinguishing because of environmental disaster.

                   Nil permanet sub sole.

Sun, radiation, electro-magnetic field change everything since time immemorial-and human body inclusively and unexceptionally.

Recalling basics of nuclear physics/chemistry eventuates a subtle natural mosaic of changing qualities resulted from elementary particles’ interactions and impacts on. Configurations of elements assemble molecules, genes, chemical structures and physical objects of particular characteristics humanoids belong surely to. Panspermia (transfer of organic constituents with space objects) seems accelerating these processes.

The history of nature is the history of survival of which mutating by resisting the mutations is a very core.

Distractive, demolishing the existing, outer rays impact human organism capable to partly deploy this force for bone, blood, and nerve cells self-renovating processes by producing active melanin like leaves and plants do chlorophyll essential to the production of carbohydrates by photosynthesis. 

What is utterly clear about such a miracle up to date is irreplaceable importance of body-self-produced active melanin regulating these protective, creative processes a skin reaction on solar radiation the most visible among is. Factually, incapability to substitute or artificially produce active melanin rather than physical obstacles allows contemporary-human-lead space odysseys’ executions in sci-fi novels only.

 The more energy efficient the more effective processes are.

 Living organisms’ migration from water to the mainland seems to have been impossible if no protection against, simply speaking, sunshine existed. Initially, scale and shells were vitally helpful for as gradual transformations of protective layers -thick skin, wool and hairs, were following a natural radiation level decrease. Of course, nutrition habits had placed their toll at the extinguishing of particular species, broadly contributing to a natural selection.

 From rigid surface areas to a softer skin of melanin-producing creatures lead a billiard year path of planetary change and evolution.

 Human spreading out from what-is-recently-called Africa around a globe wouldn’t be achievable if no natural flexibility of its biochemical reactions and human body’s ability to self-produce active melanin in quantities required for functioning still varies between races round a globe. The recent stabilized genotype of modern human beings is linked with the most en masse migration from Africa having occurred around 200 000 years ago. It’s corresponded and is concurrent with simultaneously occurring processes of planetary precession (period is 26000 years of) and planetary climate change (every 50 000-120000 years). Newest archaeological discoveries assert birth-time of Homo erectus in a close proximity to and coincident with magnetic pole reversal (a last one occurred 730000-780000 years and during last billiard years its periods became shorter and as phenomena frequent).

 Therefore, exercised and strengthened with mutations, million year existence of modern Homo sapience’s adaptation to nature is out of any question, because ability to produce active melanin in shorter passages of a sun exposure is a feature acquired and developed during the epochs of climate changes passed on the Earth. This reality explains a life-spandifferentiation between indigenous populous of, for instance, Polar areas and co-citizens of middle-longitude bio- inheritance in the same environment as modern medicine/government cervices were being provided equally.

 And this reality points out at an inescapable change of human beings as species during epochs oncoming-or to artificially prepare a sort of a substance capable to seed distant constellations. But would it help a particular individual of any particular time-momentum on the Earth challenging? 

 Reproducing the most strong and adaptable to survive is a fact of a natural history.

 A meticulously collated data of nitrogen absorbed from atmosphere and accumulated in depths of the World Ocean is sure evidence to a realistic conclusion of the World Ocean as the major source of carbon emissions (Prof. Lance Endersbee works, for instance) and a climate change natural.  

Pressure of surrounding nature was/is to be met by humans to survive with actions necessary resulted from both individuals’ physical characteristics eventuated absolutely by bodily biochemical reactions and intellectual outcomes of social structures people segregated into.

Upon millenniums, subtle improvements in active melanin-generating processes allowed humans to climb a globe itself altering from a one they originated on to a recent world unsuitable for an archaic humanoids’ survival without artificial tools, the executed produce of the human intelligence-the human brain acting. 

 Migration round a globe is a continuing unstoppable event. In the dawn of the humans’ history-not-recorded, demand on food, natural disasters and intertribal affairs constituted the expulsion and ultimate expansion of human beings into areas uninhabited. White people of China are a next example of human relocation in the times more close to a recent epoch. Rising numbers of Africa’s Albinos, in Tanzania and Kenya surely, generate ideas of continuing mutation processes and reasoning the search for new lands up to date. 

 Thus, melanin and brain are inextricably functionally linked and mutually supportive life-sustaining components of Homo sapience.

                   Time and tide wait no man   

A geological structure varies beneath different areas and diverged terrestrial components affect the same bio-magnetic characteristics differently. That is, eventually, a reason the peoples have been divided on races and distinct nations naturally as complex cultural (initially, tribal) varieties exaggerated a mere biological segregation explicitly. Homo sapience’s as minimum two major features -an identical genotype and ability to in advance engineer preventive measures towards a range of natural cataclysms- sustain overall folks’ common denominator whilst similar education and training equalizes all earthlings’ performance/productivity on average.

Back to terrestrial, mysteries have traditionally been linked with skies, as stratum is only a stable launch pad for spiritual soaring. However, seemingly ironclad scientific, exactly speaking, academic conclusions of natural history have been altering continuingly as even topic-related mass-popular books had testified to.

Following a postulate of archaic jungles as a sole source of modern oil supply can hardly quarrel with proven history of climate changing dramatically and periodically with NO human impact on it at all.

Quite timely, a common opinion of oil, gas deposits as products of pre-historic jungles, still begs many questions. In reality, oil and gas volumes accumulated are increasingly being discovered in dozens of kilometres beneath surface. How could plants have fallen there? If a natural decay (and sunshine) only had contributed to forming these natural resources, how could huge tall trees ascend vertically dozens of metres up from a soil easily deformable, porous, allowing the deep-inside-planet liquids’ infiltration? On other hand, if only mechanical shifts contributed significantly to configuration of a planet’s contemporary surface, what sort of cataclysms had occurred not having liquid oil burnt /simply dissolved into surrounding layers during billiards of years passed by? 

There might too much be written of the Earth uninhabited on these pages.                 Also organic trash did contribute to so-called fossil deposits, formation processes were (and still are) grounded on mere usual natural game of elements.                              In a case of gas fields and locked underground water aquifers this role of physical chemistry is undoubtedly explicit.

Meticulously executed researches into natural oil-to-gas transformation lead to engineering the processes artificially in real environment for industrial utilization expected in next 5÷7 years to start. 

The Earth differs from other places in the Space for biosphere, of which the very essence is oxygen-rich atmosphere and a water-available soil, a fragile nest of the organic creatures humans are the most persistent among them to artificially prolong tribe’s natural life terms with produces of own intelligence.

This intelligence astounds a particular individual with an idea that a steadily, gradually cooled metal core of a planet is still the same object conducting the same processes allowing very planet’s motion and development in the Universe since the Big Bang Zero moment!

So, creating the elements and more complex components following, is continuing.

While thermonuclear reactions are going on unstoppably beneath mankind’s feet, of them products affect a planet from inside instantly, altering all patterns-from elements to complex ones-with a traditional tool entropy is.

As known, ancient grains from Egyptian pyramids were recently grown up into a wheat living. And ancient vine was miraculously tasty either, which indicates directly on living danger of ancient viruses and other pathogens in due course released with excavations.

Tales from the past (let “ancient mythology, folklore” being supposed only to avoid even a shadow of confusion and ambiguity, if any, for mistaken some meticulously collated data with synonymous phenomena might be traced in some acting annals) surely indicate, for instance, bird flue symptoms as some classic ancient Egyptian gods’ deeds memorised. 

Viruses attacked blood cells, thirsty for elements of iron, which sharply points at their simply terrestrial origin because ferrum is the most common in the Earth core and mineral structures and its role in biological processes as between-go of electromagnets and bio-life could hardly be overestimated.

Penetrating the eggs, viruses, not something superstitious, ended lording of dinosaurs and cleared space for less voracious synapsids-mammals developing foetuses inside the bodies, Homo sapience had since next dozens of millions years been evolved among. To survive, human race should win a race against a time, because humans themselves are a mere set of elements easily consumable by nature immortal.

                          The No-Dawn Universe

It is agreed commonly, dinosaurs had extinct 250 million years ago. 

Natural processes occur along the most energetically rational lines, and too much might still be speculated of, for instance, biological distinctions between different types of dinos, their mass and terra density, and then atmosphere content stipulating creatures to grow up to the sky (a simplistic explanation of dinos following a pre-historic trees’ size contradicts no such a link either).

Also algae and moss are seen as major vital contributors to oxygen-filled modern atmosphere, pre-historic plants and dinosaurs well exist keeping air-consuming parts metres above a soil level. 

Therefore, none-oxygen (or poor oxygen-consisting) gas mixture enhanced a planet at imminent surface whilst oxygen-enriched layers had been well above. 

Thus, algae and moss assumed a life-sustaining oxygen-suppliers’ vital role in much later epochs of history natural

It is popular to highlight volcanos as factors altering the Earth substantially. However, volcanos are just exhausts of internal gases and patterns released from a planetary abyss, visual deformations of strata ripped off with forces internal accomplishing the reactions interplanetary. 

So, what is a planet? 

 It is merely a drop of plasma surrounded with an inactive mass of a “dead”, worked-out post-plasma material and by-products resulted from object’s various interactions with an outer space. A plasmic core has been instantly under outer space magnetic influence alike Earth oceans are with Moon and Sun.

A steady outer electro-magnetic impact on an inner content results in the space object’s features.

Quantities of inner active plasma predetermine types of space objects whether it’s a star, planet, comet orbiting particular space sector, meteor/asteroid – rocks (“falling stars”) lacking of inner active patterns and simply navigated with bigger objects’ gravitation forces. The Earth’s motion – round the Sun and spinning itself – materialises season changes and a day-night exchange. 

Factually, an active space object core is a macro-space type of an inertial mechanism preventing drastic orbital changes for instance.  

The Active Sun Year occurs periodically, and the nearest one is to come in 2011/2012. A nature of this phenomenon is unexplained by academia up to date.

Perhaps, at some passage of eternity our solar system becomes maximally exposed to some source radiating enormously (black hole, constellations particularly located at some physical moment in a manner summarising their sole individual ray-ejecting), affecting inner nuclear processes substantially – that is a possible reason an increased Sun activity recorded periodically during all history natural. Eventually, while  in particularly positioned Milky Way the Active Sun Year happened, the outer energy influx changes the Earth environment dramatically – a magnetic poles change mentioned above occurs. 

As the quantity of the nuke (plasmic) core had gradually been decreasing, a volume of strata grows up. Therefore, a shape of the Earth is tending to spheric-shaped form of which the plate inter-crossings are being softened visually with world ocean and rock/soil debris moved with the air significantly.

Inertial movements of water oceanic and air mass secure both life biological and any mechanical geo-characteristic of orbit stability itself.

A continuing drift of plates not only separates fragments of soil (continents), but also inevitably ushers a planet to a mono-continental configuration, of which a gigantic sole island would be surrounded with an endless ocean. 

Factually, unstoppable continental drift is a visualized outcome of plasmatic activity-core reactions of which energy released moves planetary strata dramatically. 

This energy has been exhausted in different forms and volcanos-cracks in strata are mere visual mechanical stuff located both on sun-affected surface and in the ocean depths.

Elements released into world ocean preserve processes pre-historic correlated evolutionarily with contemporary chemical content and physics conditions of a world ocean. 

Therefore, existence of pre-historic no-oxygen-depending species is a virtual reality of abyssal places not affected with contemporary air content and sun radiation directly.

Nuclear reactions produce both particles and rays.

As so, as volcanos are visible exhausts of patterns natural, so-called atmospheric “ozone holes” indicate areas with powerful nuclear activity occurring beneath strata yetintact mechanically.  

As natural physics-chemical conditions differed from the existing at the very beginning of the Earth substantially, atmosphere shifted to predominantly source oxygen produced by deploying the photosynthesis.

It is certain, that the 101st kilometre above the Earth is already assumed for scientific and technical consideration being open space, where the outer endlessness of the Universe begins.                  

Again, it is certain (at least, as a modern science asserts), the Universe begins there because there is no trace of air/air pressure at this point, or, scientifically-literally speaking, these parameters are equal to “zero”. 

And once again, it is certain an atmospheric pressure is a fact. The higher from surface-the lesser air concentration-the lighter atmospheric pressure.

So, how is atmosphere being kept between surface and vacuum of the Universe?

It is possible because of electro-magnetic force planetary gravitation is and an “atmospheric pressure” is nothing more than a force of gravity measured on the Earth’s surface in an opposite direction

Therefore, inner nuclear process is alpha and omega of planetary atmosphere, well dictating atmospheric chemical content through physics’ developments both elements and chemical complexes effected with. 

A fact either, there was upon millenniums raining on the Earth acquiring a precent soil-air composition. Therefore, of inner processes gas and elements impacted with strong electro-magnetic influence of planetary and outer processes nuclear, had been transforming into patterns of different consistencies and qualities, also the same on an element level basically-and water is a mere planetary produce of mere planetary-produced both oxygen and hydrogen. 

Planetary gravity is the force acting on any object located relatively close to the Earth, pulling the objects toward the Earth.

It is defined as the geometric sum of gravitational attraction to the earth and the centrifugal forces of inertia, which takes into account the effect of Earth’s diurnal rotation around its axis. The equation for the force of gravity on/close to a surface is F = mg. It is proven fact, gravitational acceleration (g) in general depends on a planetary radius and distance from a planetary surface, varies upon planet longitudes and strata underlaying.  

Not mush explained of oblate surface a planet on the poles posses: factually, a simply mechanical approach helps a little for. 

While simplifying the issue at a Newton Decrees level is practical for generalisation of problems sometimes, reality of plasma processes existing is the most in this case: an inner core –a drop of plasma- is of a hourglass-shaped / “cell-dividing” form vibrant rather than similar to a water drop falling or a ball as assumed classically. 

Understandably, the more active inner nuke masses are, the more radiation, the less concentration of complex organic constituents and higher speed and variety of atmospheric chemical oxygen-consuming reactions present. 

As a planetary active plasmic mass total is gradually diminishing (the Moon orbit round the young Earth was at least three times smaller than recently), outer factors’ impact will dramatically increase and neither oxygen nor water naturally produced but a simple destruction of atmospheric layers existing to intensify into stratosphere. 

Interacting with outer periodically increasing influxes, local polar exhausts have their characteristics been altered electro-magnetically, chemically, physically with dare consequences for a planet, regardless a physical-chemical content of atmosphere-to-date in any passage of a history natural: every beginning has got the end.

Continuingly monitored, visually observed, steadily recorded planetary motion is traditionally limited to orbiting the nearby star and axial rotation (so-called, objects’ “safe-spinning”). In a case of the Earth, such natural simplicity has resulted into a seasonable change and night/day segments of which longevity (exposure to the Sun) reflects any particular point the Earth is positioning towards the Sun at any particular physical moment – timing.

 An exposure to a major source of space energy, which is a star orbited (the Sun in the Earth’s example), predetermines a planetary environment (PE).

Therefore, a terrain-Universe linkage can basically be described as a function of two sure macrocosmic components orbiting the Sun/star (OS) and axial rotation (AR) are:

PE=ƒ(OS, AR).

The Earth is an undisputable etalon of a conscious life existing, of which a recent OS/AR=365,242199.

Thus, this ratio indicates Earth-type life possibilities wherever in the Universe and it should be correlated with data of system’s star emitting energy, distance to an object and object’s surface area while a Star Energy Absorption Unit that is energy absorbed with a unit of a planetary surface per time unit – AEU is a basic element for considering the leading-to-a-similar-environment conditions.

What is a universal tool used to learning and memorizing the world? 

This is Mathematics the Human Brain Invention.


What does associate the processes occurring and allow event appraisals in common?

The processes have been determined, compared and learnt with a common tool TIME is.

While a place/space occupied are mostly definite physically, time is used to connecting an assumingly real event with an environment surrounding in situ to date particular: originating from something hypothetical ushers throughout less-more known into somehow predictably desirable.

So, time is a pure product of a human intellect, an abstract unreal gadget.

As approaches of measuring the timing–a time-space limitation of an occurrence-differentiated between generations upon different epochs even in the same lands, interlink between orbiting the star, axial rotation and planetary nuclear pulse upon an ordinary unit of time are further being sustained by natural science unified. 

The growing conviction proven already practically is an inextricable link between mere terrestrial processes-inner and surface, and the Earth axial rotation.


Orbiting the Sun/star parameters trail a planetary mass total alterations inevitably and gravity correlations are beyond doubt.

Moon orbit has changed dramatically as a steady change of the Earth orbit parameters had lesser been noticeable and recorded because of both still insufficient methods used to contemporary and a relatively short period of monitoring this occurrence. 

The obvious geo-mechanical change results into more subtle alterations of electro-magnetic nature.

The Earth’s magnetic pole time-by-time precessions have been seen a sound natural proof of. 

Either observing the processes-simply visually or indirectly with techniques developed, deploys various electro-magnetic waves interacting instantly.

The modus operandi used to obtaining a data related affects by itself a very basis sustaining human intellect-produced conclusions of the Universe. “Black Holes”, “Shrinking Systems” etc., are just figures of knowledge-thirsty imagination juxtaposing stills of the Universe while the space vicinity is of the same nature, physics and functioning, just differentiating because of being depicted by far-off observing from a different perspective merely, which what presents a perfect classic example of optical illusions-turning-science-belief-to-date. 

Bent, twisted, interacted electromagnetic streams present the astonishing pictures instantly challenging along any direction they might be seen upon, “piercing”-in-depth and mutually connecting the supposedly physics-opposite space areas, themselves constituting the spots looking differently-strange from outside galaxies the Earth belongs to one of.  

Colliding chaotically, partitioning and combining these streams/torrents give birth to nuclear particles formatting elements and further more complex structures of which assembling not only uses products available but also changes the surrounding on the nuclear drops cooling.

Infinity is only a condition to transform “nothing” into “something” by varying opportunistically quanta, elementary particles and chemical elements resulted from.

Eternity is a place such endless variations occur in.

Infinity equals Eternity.

There is no such a thing as “death” in the Universe but transformations of waves and elements conglomerating in particular environments into creatures capable to some extent deploy and change the nature surrounding for their own good, suggesting illusively a capability to simply prolong tribe’s natural existence while natural interlink at even elementary level is defined and limited itself by unstoppable space(solar) wind.

There is no such a thing as “death” in the Universe but instantly dawning twilight as “old”, “demolished”, “burst” systems contributed energy and elements to new formations in Eternity of nil entropy. 

There is no such a thing as “death” in the Universe as not only quanta and elementary particles but also even chemical elements and molecules have been transferred through space to add vitality in endless natural creativity assuring humanity endlessness to be continued.

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